UI-Grid Percentage CellFilter and Color

    Today I got a chance to create a filter for my grid and apply some color which was simple enough to make. Initially I tried to apply both the style and the modification at the same time which cause a ton problems. This solution is less about code and more a remember to me how or why I split the two up.

app.controller('exampleCtr').filter('percentage', function () {
  return function (value) {
    return '<span class=" (value "'>' +(value*100).toFixed(0) + "%";

//Quick snippet to setup data for colors.
 angular.forEach($scope.GridOptions.data, function(col, key) {     col.cellClass = function(grid, row, col, rowRenderIndex, colRenderIndex) {       if (col.cellFilter === 'currency' || col.cellFilter === 'percentage')         if (grid.getCellValue(row, col) < 0) {           return 'text-danger';         } else {           return 'text-success';         }     };   });


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