Make Promises to Your Work Not Your Employer

   I've learned a lot in the past x amount years or whatever I'm not keeping track anymore. For the most part I've learned that I've been doing works. On that part I think I've made some good decisions. For the things I've got wrong I believe its just a matter of how I approached them. Mostly so I believe it was a lack of confident that played into other people's favor. Recently I've no longer allowed this to be an acceptable approach for people to take as my decisions are final. It is just as easy for me to move on rather than work around something in a project because of another developer's difficultly to agree with me.  Regardless how people see me or if they understand my method I only have one bit of wisdom to pass on to next generation. Which is lazy people will lie and will continue to lie to you regardless if you have evidence of better way. For years its confused me on why lazy people sell themselves better and its because its a simpler approaches. However you can be simple as well as to do things right. In a way  In a team, the developer with the highest level of skills should be setting the pace of your development. I personally think this should motivate others but that's not usually the case.
When a project comes together
To be more on point with this topic, my point is to be focused on your project in a way that isn't just settling and is like making a sale. I've enjoyed a few of my projects where the team followed my lead but more so because everyone was on the same page. That doesn't mean I didn't have my troubles getting them on board. Good organization requires a little be of good behavior where it doesn't feel like work and everyone enjoys doing the work. Your always going to have to fight resistance.

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