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Using Angular-Datatables Notes

These notes are based on angular-datatables v8.0.0
Using Angular ComponentIn order to get a angular component say to run you need to create the code in the same scope. That's how I managed to get it running. So for example you have to create a model via angular and attach it to a jquery event. What your doing is in the definition of the datatable is passing the logic in at that point on how to run.import { Component, OnDestroy, OnInit, ViewChild, AfterViewInit } from'@angular/core';import { Meta, Title } from'@angular/platform-browser'; import { HttpClient } from'@angular/common/http'; import { NgbDateStruct, NgbModal } from'@ng-bootstrap/ng-bootstrap'; import { formatDate } from"@angular/common"; import { DataTableDirective } from'angular-datatables'; import { Subject } from'rxjs'; import { NgbDateFRParserFormatter } from'./../../../dateformat'; import { MRPDetailComponent } from'../MRPDetail/MRPDetail.component'; i…