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AspnetCore Oauth Active Directory

I'll be honest active directory has always been a difficult area for me to develop in. Which is why I prefer a basic user authorization that's just attached to the database. What I'm trying to do is leverage Oauth and inside pass in credentials to the active directory. Thous prevent users with the built in prompt and instead handle the authorization just like you would if it was inside an aspnet core Identity table. However this is no table! This means they can pass me any username and password. Not just what they are logged as under the domain (and under their browser). Very simple just difficult to explain with all the major buzz words floating around like Single Sign On, external service providers and etc. Which where I start to have trouble explain because I like to keep things simple. What my application will do is have an authorization page and redirect users to it if that are not logged in. Once I figure out they are who they say they are with the AD then continue a

Windows via Command-Line Cheatsheet

I think if you use a server it should be with minimal graphical environments, this protects you and the clients from simple mistakes in my experience. Commands are easier to repeat. Programming and process power are limited to what matters. A developer's focus can't be any clearer. So let's stop using windows like a desktop please... Initial Goals disable all processes using the UI disable remote connections if it use a terminal. look into security bridge the gap into windows vs. linux basic commands. Notes: Coming soon

Fixing Chrome Settings - Windows Registry

Take a look at your policies! Always messing with things and there are three keys when it comes to chrome that need to be setup probably for you to enjoy the internet. Check them out either with "regedit" or chrome://policy/ Adding the correct Policies! “Sign in to Chrome” missing; No syncing options in chrome://settings Can’t update, can’t sync? no problem. just add these three keys, even if the Chrome key isn’t there just create it and add the children keys. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Google\Update\UpdateDefault HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Google\Chrome\SigninAllowed HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Google\Chrome\SyncDisabled @="0" Extra Registry Stuff (Windows 7) I didn't want to make another article on this stuff but had use for it. wallpaper-in-windows-7-locked-down-by-domain-group-policy HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer theme-allow-prevent-changing Carry ou

Fixing a Windows 7 Machine

 Sometimes I have to work in an environment I disagree with and its in those situations I learn the most because I don't just accept my situation. I adapter to improve them. Windows 7 is already out the door but some places hold on to it like its all there is. I'm using windows 10 to work on my personal projects and can say as a developer it is a lot easier to manage. Fix Sound crash This is related to the  C:\Windows\System32\audiodg.exe   but restarting this process sometimes doesnt fix the problem so do the following. Right click on  My Computer Chose  Manage Select  Device Manager  in the left panel Expand  Sound, video and game controllers Find your audio driver and right click on it. Chose  Disable Right click on the audio driver again Chose  Enable Roaming account & Machine ProfilePath /HOMEDIR:pathname Sets the path for the user&#

Installing Android Studio Beta 0.8.14 exe

    This wee k I installed android studio however but I didn't want manually install it and to use the zip file. So looked for the appropriate exe file (if there was any). In the recent  notes there is explanation on why the zip version pointed the download link. I installed v.0.8.14 but I pretty sure I wasn't paying attention because there is later versions available. Infact the release  Candidate 4  was updated just yesterday but v0.8.14 is what's currently listed on the downloads .  Notes (v.0.8.14)  after my install for android studio, prompted to startup the application but got that jvm missing error. When I ran the application myself and it worked fine. Also the icon is different for the program in the taskbar from the zip to the exe file. After running both the zip and the exe files, both made a configuration in the user's folder but only one of them was called beta.  After pinning the program to the taskbar, the program duplicated itself. I then tried

Android Studio 'tools.jar' file is not present in classpath

     I move around from machine to machine a lot and this is an issue hidden in another form. The error doesn't really help but it is clear something is missing. Two things that I was missing was the correct file path to my sdk and didn't the JRE included/installed. Things to make sure you always do install the JDK  and  JRE install the version you want 64 or 32 bit sometimes I install both just to be safe but I don't like to do that. create the environment path JAVA_HOME sometimes the installer doesn't create this... path (64 bit) should be something like..   C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_25      Right click on the window icon in the right and go to systems (advanced settings). Notes - Does not include the JRE. Resources ide - Android Studio 'tools.jar' file is not present in classpath - Stack Overflow  - Linux help Getting Started wit

Win7 Pinned Apps not working for Visual Studio

   While doing a regular cleaning up of things on my computer one day I came across a problem. I did just all the normal stuff, emptying out my download folder, removing unnecessary applications and deleting shortcuts on my desktop. I do this periodically on my machine and at that time I noticed that I had large amount of applications that I was no longer using or in develop for. So I started to unpin and remove them from my list of recent apps. This is where I faced my problem, this is just for Visual Studio. I'm not looking at other programs to see if my solution works. Notes If you remove all your apps you will be left with this...      This is when you have unpinned apps and removed even those that are in the recent section of the available apps. You can not remove apps without first unpinning them. Once removed it does not reappear again and is not available to pin specifically. However when you create a new application this will make all apps removed available again

My First Windows 8 App publishing Experience

Introduction     I have a lot of experience from web development so I decided to take a blackjack game that I created in JavaScript and just edit it enough to be published on the window 8 app store. I will include a lot of my experiences but also my opinion. It took me about a month to make this game, the content and the functions within the game. The styling I edited later in the game, but in the beginning it was very dull for the most part and not very metro style looking. Don't have the original image of what the game looked like but just take my word that it needed improving. Here is how it looks now... you can find it  here ! ...As the picture explains and what I have not told yet is that my game is called "BlackJack the King of Cards". If you would like to download the game you can find it in the market under free card games. Windows 8 App     Ok, so lets say you have an window's 8 app ready to go. You go to the Store tab top of your visual studio w