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How Does Font-Awesome Work?

So I asked myself one day how does this cool library work and how can I start making my own vector scaled icons? They are many reasons why I might want to create my style of font-awesome and understanding what going on behind the scenes. Rather than just use some png files into a sprite they can be embed icons in the style sheet. Font-awesome kind of hides the icons in the stylesheet with before and after content.
      Without going too deep into the rabbit hole, and to somewhat answer this question in my own words. I would say that font-awesome which is being built with Adobe using vector scaled icons that have transparent grey scale in order for customizable color schemes and references them in the css with the "content" style. Not familiar with the syntax being used but the css uses some kind of path points to the icon's location. Example of that is "\f132"which output a shield icon. The file path.less probably explains much of the syntax behind this. 

Google Analytics for Multiple Environments (Dev/QA/Prod)

Let's cut to the chase, I was looking for a way to use a single account with a single property and have multiple views. I thought this was very possible would be easy to manage data that way but I wasn't sure how. After playing around a little with the interface I figured it out. None of the resources directly helped but were really good insight. What I also figured out was that you can use a single line of code to do this, so no need to change the javascript in each environment. This is great because I don't need to alter the javascript snippet to point to the difference environments.

You will need these order to separate the data between different views, use the filter on your views not the property. Under Admin, select your view and then Filters. For all the filters (Dev,QA, Prod) I did a Predefined, Included only, traffic to the hostname and that contains.  I've seen in some environments where dev and qa are on a subdomain in which case you might want to…

Installing Android Studio Beta 0.8.14 exe

This week I installed android studio however but I didn't want manually install it and to use the zip file. So looked for the appropriate exe file (if there was any). In the recent notes there is explanation on why the zip version pointed the download link. I installed v.0.8.14 but I pretty sure I wasn't paying attention because there is later versions available. Infact the release Candidate 4 was updated just yesterday but v0.8.14 is what's currently listed on the downloads

Notes (v.0.8.14) 
after my install for android studio, prompted to startup the application but got that jvm missing error. When I ran the application myself and it worked fine. Also the icon is different for the program in the taskbar from the zip to the exe file.After running both the zip and the exe files, both made a configuration in the user's folder but only one of them was called beta. After pinning the program to the taskbar, the program duplicated itself. I then tried to unpin it and p…

Android Studio 'tools.jar' file is not present in classpath

I move around from machine to machine a lot and this is an issue hidden in another form. The error doesn't really help but it is clear something is missing. Two things that I was missing was the correct file path to my sdk and didn't the JRE included/installed.

Things to make sure you always do
install the JDK and JREinstall the version you want 64 or 32 bitsometimes I install both just to be safe but I don't like to do that.create the environment path JAVA_HOMEsometimes the installer doesn't create this...path (64 bit) should be something like..  C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_25     Right click on the window icon in the right and go to systems (advanced settings).

Notes - Does not include the JRE.
ide - Android Studio 'tools.jar' file is not present in classpath - Stack Overflow - Linux help
Getting Started with Auto | Android Developers
How to set the java path…

Unity: Notes for My Next Game V

So I broke one of my own rules, which was staying on task. With a lot of my notes being scattered all over the place the last few weeks it has been difficult to keep track of things. I have accomplish a lot, but I think I will go back to publishing my notes to better focus on my deadline. I could have written the notes and just not publish them but I think it would be a waste of time, especially since I was already using a issue tracker. Publish these article forces my hand to show what I've got (which may not look like much for this article but I'll let you be the judge). 

Notes:    I wanted to start getting my game in a playable state and since a lot of the small things bugged me. I just had to get them working right. I started worked on the things that just make it difficult to control my player but I did spend too much time on the player's character model.

Controls on Android are not helpful with PC controls.

Pc to android conversion (input),Unity3D input conversion -…