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Retrofit Callback instead of Async Handler

For a quick and dirty solution I used an async handler in my activity, to call an api. I sometime need to see things work right for a sanity check, and win whatever small achievement it holds. Whether its just to reassure me I'm on the right path. So below is a quick and simple change but makes all the difference.

@GET("/GetTimes/{id}") public ArrayList<YourObject> GrabData(@Path("id") String id); vs
void GrabData(@Path("id") String id, Callback<ArrayList<YourObject>> callback);

using Square's Retrofit networking library
Retrofit.Callback's success() and failure()
If you callback is in a fragment
Receiving custom parameter in retrofit callback

Diving Back into Selenium and Getting Somewhere!

Recently I've gone back to using Selenium and started to really get comfortable using it. One of the problems that I constantly face when using Selenium is not having good example and looking at Selenium as a whole in whether it is worthwhile. My problems only get work when I have to ask me whether to use the Selenium IDE or the server package.  Which is more scalable to do? Which one is better to give to a team QA that non-technical? Some of these questions can be answered on the Selenium site but some of them depend on your work environment and how much time you want to spend on creating a system of some kind to do all that.      What you really want for all project is something that you can automate across popular browsers not just a single one. Plus avoid doing a dry run every time to correct your UI tests. So the IDE which really a plugin is not going to do that for you but even if I gave it to a QA non-technical team I don't think it would be used effectively. Instea…

Android Studio 'tools.jar' file is not present in classpath

I move around from machine to machine a lot and this is an issue hidden in another form. The error doesn't really help but it is clear something is missing. Two things that I was missing was the correct file path to my sdk and didn't the JRE included/installed.

Things to make sure you always do
install the JDK and JREinstall the version you want 64 or 32 bitsometimes I install both just to be safe but I don't like to do that.create the environment path JAVA_HOMEsometimes the installer doesn't create this...path (64 bit) should be something like..  C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_25     Right click on the window icon in the right and go to systems (advanced settings).

Notes - Does not include the JRE.
ide - Android Studio 'tools.jar' file is not present in classpath - Stack Overflow - Linux help
Getting Started with Auto | Android Developers
How to set the java path…

Using TFS with Eclipse

This article is from the experience I gain while setting out to complete my capstone and a point in time where I was exploring that ways to manage a team. I also wanted to help move things forward with the process for the team to code rather than spending more time on design. My capstone was along the side with three other colleagues and we did not all have the same idea with what systems or tools should be in place to help us achieve our tasks. Still after the fourth change of repository system in my team, I figured it was time that I took charge and started making changes for the better with my suggestion to use TFS.

PluginTFS Plug-in for Eclipse | Eclipse Plugins, Bundles and Products - Eclipse Marketplace

The following plugin behaves much like the native built-in tool for visual studio but with a slight twist for the  tab locations because of how eclipse is setup. At first when I started researching this plugin and testing it for for our android project I had worries of whether …

At the Start of My C# Research

This article is a list of resources that I used way back at the start of my career with C#. Since there are a lot of C# tutorials already out I just wanted to write out some of my experiences and topics that I was curious to learn when starting out. The main reason why I wanted to used C# for programming was for MVC applications and toward the second year I discovered XNA.
Getting Ready at the Start!
    If you're a Java Developer the using Statement is much like a import and include in C++. Having experience with both languages doesn't hurt and speaking from my own experiences with both languages, C# is probably the easiest compared to all of them. And for multiple reasons, but mostly because of Visual Studio's Intellisense in my opinion. 

C# language itself Random resources that I used, for multiple projects. Visual C# ResourcesDelegates Tutorial C# Short Type - Sometimes its just good to compare (Java, C++).Creating Custom Routes : Official Microsoft SiteString …