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    This is an article I started to working for the project: rustkickers, which for now I'm putting on hold. What I was trying to do was kill two birds with one stone. If you need a good sitemap to submit to google or to create a "site map" for you users then this would do it. I haven't finished making it but there is where my notes are. Generating dynamic XML Sitemaps in ASP.NET MVC - Ben Foster ASP.NET MVC: Get all controllers - Stack Overflow Resource  - Example  - Another example Create a Google Site Map with ASP.NET ASP.NET MVC: Get all controllers - Stack Overflow Maybe create a atom feed instead of a sitemap.xml?

Retrofit Callback instead of Async Handler

   For a quick and dirty solution I used an async handler in my activity, to call an api. I sometime need to see things work right for a sanity check, and win whatever small achievement it holds. Whether its just to reassure me I'm on the right path. So below is a quick and simple change but makes all the difference. @GET ( "/GetTimes/{id}" ) public ArrayList<YourObject> GrabData ( @Path ( "id" ) String id); vs @GET ( "/GetTimes/{id}" ) void GrabData( @Path ( "id" ) String id, Callback<ArrayList< YourObject >> callback); Resources using Square's Retrofit networking library Retrofit.Callback's success() and failure() If you callback is in a fragment Receiving custom parameter in retrofit callback

Bootstrap Styled Checkbox with FontAwesome

   I was inspired recently when I cam across some quick css that leverage font-awesome for browser specific inputs, which I liked so much I wanted to further but as luck would have it I already found a project that did this. Which added support for the different types of components in bootstrap. I'm still looking for a project does this with the file input style. Regardless if I don't I'm going to make one and adapt it in a project that uses my npm package. References Side note

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