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Linux Cheatsheet

With everything going on with logicoma, I will be frequently updating this page so I can just jump back into whatever system tasks at hand. I should add this I'm going to keep this focused on ubuntu/debian. Forwarding using Putty on Windows - YouTubeStorage Commandsfdisk -l mkdir ← a directoy of where to mount the disk mount ← mount a disk using /dev/[disk]
ln ← creates a link file from another
name ← use 'a' to get all the information on the server
rm /path/to/directory/*…

Javascript Cheatsheet

At times I do still just use pure javascript and nothing else because how small I want the project to be. As always more coming soon...
JavaScript best practices19+ JavaScript Shorthand Coding TechniquesBest way to find an item in a JavaScript array? - Stack OverflowReplace multiple whitespaces with single whitespace in JavaScript string - Stack Overflowjavascript - How can I disable highlighting in html or JS? - Stack Overflowjavascript - drag and drop, prevent awkward highlighting? - Stack OverflowBasic Json RequestUsing XMLHttpRequest Performance
   There is a lot of talking about how to test the real performance of javascript and for the most part I have no clue where to start as I write this. Hopefully that will change be the end, skip to it if you dont want to learn the process as well. Example 
function DisplayQuestions() { var Questions = new Array(20); Questions[0] = "Question #1"; Qu…

EF6 Cheatsheet


IIS Cheatsheet

C++/C Cheatsheet

Sql Cheatsheet

After my first job I realized the importance of learning a bit about it all. None should be in the dark when it comes to their website. I might not be a master of relational databases but give me a mongodb or reddis and even a firebase database any day. Still some projects are dependent on mysql and etc so I have enough info to help me move forward. Nothing I had more than a dba or team who locks me out. Throw exception from SQL Server function to stored procedure - Stack OverflowHOW TO: Return Errors and Warnings from a SQL Server Stored Procedure in ADO.NETRAISERROR (Transact-SQL)SQL server management studio local database connection error in windows 7Visual Studio Database Guide - HomeHow to: Use Source Control with SQL Server Management Studiomysql - Sending multiple data parameters with jQuery AJAXsql server - Inserting multiple rows in a single SQL query?LuaSQL: Database connectivity for the Lua programming languageDECLARE @local_variable (Transact-SQL)Package/Publish SQL Tab, P…

Certificate Providers & ISPs

Jquery Cheatsheet

Time to time I still use jquery and honestly don't have too many complaints about using jquery over more modern frameworks. Either way keep coming back to this page for reminders or small bugs in my code that I forget to add. I think the best approach for anyone is to create plugins for their needs and just keep expending around that.
Javascript - Event orderlightbox for images, videos, YouTube, iframes, ajaxdeferred.always() | jQuery API Documentation.trigger() | jQuery API DocumentationjQuery advantages/differences in .trigger() vs .click() - Stack OverflowjQuery BlockUI PluginHow to detect pressing enter on keyboard using jquery? - Stack Overflowjquery - Last element in .each() set - Stack OverflowjQuery event.preventDefault() not working in Firefox (JSFiddle included)jquery - Checking to see if AJAX response is empty and other problemsjavascript - jQuery's $(form).submit() not firing for IE only (MVC3 app)javascript - How can I refresh a page with jQuery?…

Travis-Ci & Saucelabs Environment Variables

Firebase's example on how to auto deploy with Travis shows us a more secure way rather than how I did. fassetar/jquery-maskmoney if I can create a similar approach with this project I would feel better about the security. coming soon...

Presteps to Making My Own CMS Part II

Before I try to create my own cms I looked recreating  some middlware for blogger. To be clear I didn't create my own database layer simple used Oauth and the blogger api's with a re-skinned UI/UX using Material Angular. I also created some tools for myself awhile I'm using the app and started creating a backup on github process like I talked about a few years back.

Powershell Cheatsheet

Make Promises to Your Work Not Your Employer

I've learned a lot in the past x amount years or whatever I'm not keeping track anymore. For the most part I've learned that I've been doing works. On that part I think I've made some good decisions. For the things I've got wrong I believe its just a matter of how I approached them. Mostly so I believe it was a lack of confident that played into other people's favor. Recently I've no longer allowed this to be an acceptable approach for people to take as my decisions are final. It is just as easy for me to move on rather than work around something in a project because of another developer's difficultly to agree with me.  Regardless how people see me or if they understand my method I only have one bit of wisdom to pass on to next generation. Which is lazy people will lie and will continue to lie to you regardless if you have evidence of better way. For years its confused me on why lazy people sell themselves better and its because its a simpler ap…

Git Cheatsheet

I'm always handling the code wherever I go so maybe its time I shared my notes. I'm really surprised but I should with my experience how many developers don't know git.
msysgit - git: 'credential-cache' is not a git commandHow do I update the password for Git?How do you attach a new pull request to an existing issue on github Squash commits!
I'm always forgetting this and its really simple to do if you remember both commands.

git rebase -i xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
git push --force origin master "where xxxxxxxxxx is the SHA of the commit upto which I've to squash"

Get username

git config user.nameChange Email
git config user.emailCaching Password on Windows.

git config --global credential.helper wincred

More coming soon...

Gimp Cheatsheet

I really should just get a graphic's designer to do all my work but that's probably the words of every developer has said. I don't have the skills or patience but sometimes my needs are very simple and that's really what I work with for my games. Someday I'll pay for one, maybe when I make actually money off my games.

How to Smooth an Images Edge After Resizing - YouTubeGIMP White Background Removal Tutorial - YouTubePixilze an Image More coming soon..

Presteps to Making My Own CMS

A lot of these notes here are just my experiences and design changes to orchard cms for the pre-setup into how I will create my own cms. For my own cms I will not be using any of orchard's code but my experiences will help, also by getting familiar with orchard so I can move forward with my employer on other legacy applications that are dependent on aspnet 4.5. So its a win on both sides.

Major Design Changes:
SafeMode Theme - Removed/MovedOriginally I was completely against having this feature at all however with some thought I think its a matter of default behavior in the core/module features. I did something similar with the Admin Theme menu.cshtml. Instead of changing the tag element view in the core file I simple rewrote the look of the admin menu. Instead of the admin menu adding all the classes to the li tag in the for-loop they are placed in the link tag for fontawesome. The key is no css or javascript just the html. SafeMode can only be used for display purposes at best. T…

A Dependency of Dependency Inject

I have voiced my opinion in the past on dependency injection, and even got myself in some stupid conversations with other developers who are little obsessed with this topic. I was first caught off guard because I questioned for my support for angular which I'll come back to in a minute. My first rule for using any tool or technology is to using it for its greatest strength and really use it or not at all. Which is creating tests around my code and creating versions of those dependencies."we need dependency injection for unit testing/scalability".  Neither of these reasons are wrong and I agree them but if you build blindly follow them without reason you miss the point. I one point used Ninject, and was actually stumped on the explanation given. This was because up to that point dependency injection was something I understood how to use but not its method. However I moved pass that point and started making my opinion clear. Show me the tests! The reason I given was s…

3D Printer - Electrical Notes

Last year I bought a really cheap 3d printer  which was a self-built kit based on the priums 3. Its been years since my beginner course high school on electric. However I didnt have any issues picking things backup and getting to working. The printer I got have zero notes or instructions but for $110 what can you say.

"The AC "L" and "N" probably mean "Live" and "Neutral" respectively. The ground next to it is the Earth ground. The V+ and COM are the DC output terminals, which you could also say are V+ and V-, respectively" BLACK = HOT WHITE = NEUTRAL GREEN = GROUND If you use a computer power cord or other cord based on the international wiring color code: BROWN = HOT BLUE = NEUTRAL GREEN/YELLOW STRIPE = GROUND

I did burn out a fuse on my board but I don't think it was my fault because the fuse was 5amps instead of 10 like the second fuse on my board. Went online and but a similar fuse as the second one and now things ar…

Bootstrap - Static Table Header

With this solution I limiting myself to just css as much as I could without javascript. The draw backs are writing out multiple css selectors and statically writing out the width of column. Also I had to make a max-height for the table, which I was already doing.

I could have easily added ag-grid or ui-grid but I wanted to keep it simple and look at the performances. From a development point of view I would say the time to setup either approach is the same. That is building out this static approach verses just using a library. From the image you can see the max-height is only applied to the tbody.  I'll place the code in my github repo when I'm ready.

Research on AppScript for Blogger Sync

This a project I've given up since I'm creating my own platform but I wanted to include my notes incase someone wanted to continue my work. Probably not going to happen but maybe someone could create to organize their blog. Create blog posts and have them in separate foldersso you could use the google drive's UI. Unless I find time to waste I probably won't return to this idea but you can comment and let me know what you think. Service?

Gcloud Vs. Azure Comparison With Aspnet Core

Since I no longer use both cloud services I thought I would write down out my experiences. This is going to be really quick because its mostly just what I saw with my company site as far as costs and development on each platforms. This note isn't the be all comparison, just a few statements on what I saw and experiences so do your own research and experimenting on each platforms.
Tools (Visual Studio 2015) Without a doubt azure is the better choice but I was really surprised how much there was for glcoud. In fact there is even a plugin for to deploy your app. Gcloud even making docker support easy, the only differences  with visual studio was how you deployed to each platform. Which I like that they were not the same but it did take a long time when I deployed to gcloud. The time was about 10-15 mins sometimes and I'm sure the team is working on it but azure is the winner for this.
Logs - Glcoud Checking your logs in gcloud is surprisingly easier if you are not using app insigh…

Custom Data Scripting

This is just the name I like to call for the way I write my javascript. Which looks at the dom for configuration rather than in a script file or some api. This is a style of javascript that allows non-javascript developers to jump in if they can read basic html elements. There are many reasons why I use this approach other than the other two. For example to minimizing the overall javascript code which simplifies the website. I took this approach up because of what I learned with Aspnet razor syntax. Later made improvements to the style once I learned anguar/react (components).
  Now I don't not what other developers call this style or if they even acknowledge this pattern. I'm giving it a name cause I need a way to define it. Plus its easily explain to other developers where to look for with my code. The goal here is to always look at the Dom for something and if I need more complex stuff then place it in a object. However I could always argue that one could go back and makeu…