FTP with .net

The old way in framework .net 4.8 For .net 6 your gonna get this error:

Hide Unlocked Achievements for Steam Website Mod

 Currently I have 235 achievement out of 700 for Halo MCC, lets hope this makes things easier to focus on and filter out. This script should be useful for any game on the following url:{users}/stats/{game}/?tab=achievements

Sharing VPN network

Wasnt able to get this to work but some notes on how to get started.  - Spoofing the machine ID? - - Unable to share the vpn itself because of the policies implemented... Error 720 : ERROR_PPP_NO_PROTOCOLS_CONFIGURED  typically occurs if the WAN Miniport (IP) adapter is not bound correctly on your PC . This is true even though the WAN Miniport (IP) adapter might look healthy when you examine the Network adapters node in Device Manager.

Simple Steps for Work & To Prevent Issues

Step 1: Keep Records Before I work on any project I have to make sure that there is CI in the project so I can pull up any of my work and point to it that it works. As well as have backups stored on devops from artifacts. Lately I've been have a tough time with team-mates not knowing how to resolve simple issues like nuget packages and project references. Step 2:  Don't loose stuff Merge down from where ever your going to create a pull-request from so you got the last. Merging down really what I do when managing stage, dev and master branches but I think I should start doing it with my own pull-requests just to be safe. Step 3: Only what you need Unless I'm doing a pull-request, always make sure what changes I'm making are only the ones I want to make. The boss keeps checking this and honestly its one feedback I've noticed I keep missing, mostly stuff like formatting thins I didnt need to, or forgetting stuff I added to test things.  Step 4: Squash me Daddy Since I

Managing Windows Services - Delete/Add

 First things first, lets delete cause that's super easy and before I delete anything I make sure to create backups. What I'm looking to do is expand a system like topshelf where it can just manage it remotely for me but using devops can be tricky. //delete command sc.exe delete <service name> or Ps way Remove-Service -Name "TestService" Note: curious about the registry but its better to use sc.exe. Now for adding sc create asperacentral binPath= "C:\Program Files\Aspera\Enterprise Server\bin\Debug\asperacentral.exe" DisplayName= "Aspera Central" start= auto

Ubuntu Server: Cmd line Network Shared folder for Windows

 Got tired of using filezila to do everything so this morning I set things up with Samba to allow me to share. Just a few notes along with this video that I think might be helpful for other devs. commands sudo apt-get install -y samba sudo ufw allow 139 sudo ufw allow 445 sudo service smbd status sudo vi /etc/samba/smb.conf sudo chmod 777 shared_folder/ [guest] # This share allows anonymous (guest) access # without authentication! path = /shared_folder read only = no guest ok = yes guest only = yes I used the folder path at the root and probably will later add a user for security but for now I have what I need to get running. Doesnt seem as fast as filezilla but thats not a big deal. 

Techstream & added Keyfob

Seems just trying to add a keyfob to a car isnt as easy as it should be. The driver seems to be limited to windows 7 and currently I am testing to see what I can do to just get it to work but warning for any and all links. Dont Follow these links for safety reasons

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