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Mongodb Cheatsheet

This cheat sheet is based on the latest version of mongodb, which initial had setup and didn't encounter any problems. However that all changed when I was working remote and forgot I disabled the port no my network, rather than with the server. So I went pointing around where I didn't need to and ended up messing things up. The Best tutorial out there is of course on digital ocean for my setup on ubuntu 16.04 , this articles isn't so much about getting setup. I just wanted to include it because I found myself looking back at it to see if I missed a step. Bugs/Problems Now comes all the messed up things I found and had to deal with. firewall - Port seems to be open, but connection refused try using in the bin_ip for the /etc/mongo.conf try sudo ufw disable and check to see if it works without the firewall (probably still wont but worth a shot), then just sudo ufw enable. Make sure port 27017 is open. Then check this  linux - Connection refused to MongoDB e