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My First Interview with Google

Sometime after I graduated back in March, 2013 I was lucky enough to have an interview with Google for a six month contact on the west coast.A lot of time has passed since my interview and this is just some of the notes I took before hand in order to prepare. Regardless of the outcome of this interview I still I learned a great deal, and look back at it as an example of how to effectively prove my skills. I was definitely was nervous on this one haha. Jobs description and position daily work type at Google
    "In this critical position, you will be part of exciting as well as  new fast-paced projects.Your role will include working as a team with mechanical, hardware and software engineers to tackle challenging design issues while improving existing manufacturing processes. In direct contact with engineers, you will be involved in the entire lifecycle of several products, from early prototyping to full production and worldwide deployment." Responsibilities Set Up, customize and …

Google Authorship with Blogger

There is no guarantee what will show up in google search for your content but I learned some cool ways  you can influence what appears and I feel not enough people are aware of Google's Authorship feature. This feature allows you to digitally sign off on web content that is yours. That is how I describe it but you can find the actual description in the resource links.

The setup for this was really easy and quick, I simply followed the second option for setup and placed the
?rel=author" inside my href that was linked to my Google Plus account.

Google Authorship
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