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My First Experience with Jira

JIRA  created by Atlassian  is a Project Planner and issue tracker for any given application. In Jira an issue is just about anything for the project, much like a task in TFS. At the current time I have no experience setting or installing up Jira, this is just my experience using it. I would have to say using Jira is very simple and very straightforward, even if I didn't have experience with TFS. I can not say at this time whether I like TFS more or less than Jira for issue/bug tracking. Resource How to Edit the Resolution of an Issue - JIRA Knowledge Base - Atlassian Documentation Creating an Issue A Issue I faced using Jira I had a problem with the issues that I was closing not showing up as resolved, this might have been because I was not submitting any code or images when closing them. As always I let a comment that it was complete but I felt that it not enough. My theory is that if its like TFS maybe I need to submit with code for the issue to be marked resolved

Win7 Pinned Apps not working for Visual Studio

   While doing a regular cleaning up of things on my computer one day I came across a problem. I did just all the normal stuff, emptying out my download folder, removing unnecessary applications and deleting shortcuts on my desktop. I do this periodically on my machine and at that time I noticed that I had large amount of applications that I was no longer using or in develop for. So I started to unpin and remove them from my list of recent apps. This is where I faced my problem, this is just for Visual Studio. I'm not looking at other programs to see if my solution works. Notes If you remove all your apps you will be left with this...      This is when you have unpinned apps and removed even those that are in the recent section of the available apps. You can not remove apps without first unpinning them. Once removed it does not reappear again and is not available to pin specifically. However when you create a new application this will make all apps removed available again

Chapter Notes. Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript & CSS3

Introduction Much of the material here is based on the book:  Programming in HTML5 with Javascript and CSS3 . This is just summary notes that I took from the book and expanded on.  Chapter 1 Purpose of this Chapter: To introduce primary tools needed such as Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 and Blend for Blend for Visual Studio 2012. Notes By knowing these three core technologies you can increase your marketability and give you flexibility to choose the company for which you want to work. A  comparison list  of Visual Studios VS Web allows web projects only (C# or VB) VS Express for Windows 8 only for Windows Store Applications Blend for VS 2012 provides the ability to create window store app. Visual Studio Express 2012 for Windows 8  and V isual Studio Express 2012 for Web  are free. VS contains a new arrange of features and here is a  list . Testing  - Debug mode and  a list of installed browsers . Finding the source of rendered markup - new  Page Inspector

Removing a Project from TFS

     This was a question I asked myself awhile back and it comes as a surprise that TFS does not have a way to remove projects via the web. For security reasons this might make since but it is rather annoying at time as the solution I found for this was not completely obvious or well kno. Research Delete a team project [TFSDeleteProject] What I did     My folders location was different than what the page pointed to but I was able to get things works and from there it was a matter of figuring out what I wanted to delete (make sure your hitting the right url). Folder Example:  C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 11.0\Common7\IDE Url Example: Command Now to delete... TFSDeleteproject [/q] [/force] [/excludewss] [/collection:URL TeamProjectName]   Notes     Now things the page does not tell you and could be useful... Names of projects are not case sensitive. Secondly projects you delete may not necessari

Thoughts for My Future Education

Introduction      The purpose of this post is to start thinking about my educational outline for the upcoming years. My goal is to create a career path not just to get my foot in the door and in order to do that I feel I must reinvent my educational background. Before I begin I would like to give a little background as to why I am perusing down this path. Background      After recieving my bachelor's degree in Computer Science sometime in May of 2013, I felt some unfulfilled,  a sense of underachievement and this feeling was only later reinforced when I attempt to get a better job. I found it difficult to digitally prove to employers that I had the skills and experience to complete tasks and even more I became frustrated. With some interviews that listed themselves as "Entry level" only to find out that they wanted someone with  even more  experience or a "A jack of all trades". At the time I hadn't taken up any outside work related tasks to my field

Getting Real by 37signals Notes

Book Site: (if it is in quote it is idea/concept directly from the book and anything outside quotes is just concepts that I shorted to get make the point more clear to myself.) “Way to build a solution to solve your problem and then target the rest of the world”.(find your market) “If you can’t fit everything in within the time and budget allotted then don’t expand the time and budget. Instead, pull back the scope.” “Launching something great that’s a little smaller in scope than planned is better than launching something mediocre and full of holes because you had to hit some magical time, budget...” Be Flexibility “Our recommendation: Scope down. It’s better to make half a product than a half-assed product (more on this later).” “One bonus you get from having an enemy is a very clear marketing message. People are stoked by conflict. And they alos understand a product by comparing it to others. With a chosen enemy, you’re feedi

My First Windows 8 App publishing Experience

Introduction     I have a lot of experience from web development so I decided to take a blackjack game that I created in JavaScript and just edit it enough to be published on the window 8 app store. I will include a lot of my experiences but also my opinion. It took me about a month to make this game, the content and the functions within the game. The styling I edited later in the game, but in the beginning it was very dull for the most part and not very metro style looking. Don't have the original image of what the game looked like but just take my word that it needed improving. Here is how it looks now... you can find it  here ! ...As the picture explains and what I have not told yet is that my game is called "BlackJack the King of Cards". If you would like to download the game you can find it in the market under free card games. Windows 8 App     Ok, so lets say you have an window's 8 app ready to go. You go to the Store tab top of your visual studio w

Coursera: Online Games Class Notes

This post servers as a outline of the new concepts that I have learned  in the  class hosted on Coursera,  " Online Games: Literature, New Media, and Narrative "   taught by  Jay Clayton.  I will try to avoid giving answers to quiz's or questions in order to give other classmates a fair chance. Syllabus MMO Examples:  Lord of the Rings  Mist  Star Wars Galaxies Dark age of Camelot World of War Craft  Terms Multi-modal Analysis:   Embedded narrative  : Main content to the game, "A pre-generated narrative content that exists prior to a player's interaction with the game." pg 383 Salen and Zimmerman. Emergent Narrative:   "arises from the set of rules governing interaction with the game system. Most moment-to-moment narrative play in a game emergent, as player choice leads to unpredictable narrative experience." - Salen and Zimmerman. Frame Narrative:  Frame story  (This term not defined in the class but was referenced.) Remediati

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