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Unity: Notes for My Next Game IIII

This summer is going by fast however I think I got a lot done and I'm really surprised how quickly things are coming together. Like I said in my last article, I've played with Blender before. My goal for this week was really simple. Create a model, give it some animations and control it in unity.

Resources - create more, "loop cut"? - 2.6/Manual/Modeling/Meshes/Editing/Subdividing/Loop Subdivide BLENDER Tutorial - EASY Fully poseable hand in 10 minutes! - YouTube- audio is very low but very useful videoImporting Blender into Blender After I imported my object I noticed on the back side one of the fingers was missing... Wasn't sure if this was something I did or a setting. Update Solution: One side of an object appears normal but the other side is transparent

Ok so I spent a lot of my time…

Unity: Notes for My Next Game III

So like I did in my previous article, I'm going to list off the things I was want to get done so that I can focus on just those things. Here goes... 
Note to Self: I don't have a video demo for this week (life got in the way..) but I think it will play out much better for next week's.

So this week I have an good idea what my characters will look like. I'm played around with Blender before but never got anywhere far to create what I need for this project. I think my characters are simple enough so that I can finish one of them by next week. So not in this article but perhaps the next one.
In Game MenuStart Screen - Exit gameEnd Game (not exiting, just restarting the round.)Start Plate Form (Reason and Types.) This is where the story comes in and the different levels begin to unfold.Create Story (No sneak peeks for this, but it's important to know I did worked on it.)Questions
Do I need a Terrain?I don't think I need one but I did play around with the id…

Exporting Blender Models to WebGL Notes

Here is a collection of notes that I took sometime when I was working on "The Rust Spot" project. My original purpose for doing this was to create 3d auto parts and display them into the web browsers. Allowing users to get a better idea of what they would be purchasing before hand.

Blender 2.5 Exporting X3D Files and using X3DOM Part 1 - YouTube - Demo
WebGL #Content Creation- Wikipedia - X3DOM in relationship to WebGL
X3DOM-WebGL Tests
Blender Web HTML5 Canvas how to - Concept in how to achieve Blender-webgl-exporter - A WebGL JavaScript exporter for the Blender
Blender export — X3DOM - Working Example!