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A Real Life Pokemon Game Using Google Maps

Influences     A lot of ideas came to my head while I was attending this year's Google I/O and after watching the keynotes on Google maps , I had this great idea. As mobile devices and web services become more powerful it has become clear to me that the Android mobile devices can also double as a real Pokedex. (Yes there are apps that claim to be a Pokedex out there but not in this way I am talking about.) Of course it would still have Dexter's voice     Taking the joke from the Google's 2012 April fool's video about Google maps being converted to 8 bits for the NES, influenced this idea as well. Who hasn't dreamt as a kid to actually live out the life of a Pokemon Master, now we just need to make it a job (My Pokemon Resume here !). The Looks     Looking at the two maps it doesn't seem too off and impossible to achieve this idea. It would also be interesting to see what kind of automated styling could be over layered to speed up the proces