A Real Life Pokemon Game Using Google Maps


    A lot of ideas came to my head while I was attending this year's Google I/O and after watching the keynotes on Google maps, I had this great idea. As mobile devices and web services become more powerful it has become clear to me that the Android mobile devices can also double as a real Pokedex. (Yes there are apps that claim to be a Pokedex out there but not in this way I am talking about.)
Of course it would still have Dexter's voice

    Taking the joke from the Google's 2012 April fool's video about Google maps being converted to 8 bits for the NES, influenced this idea as well. Who hasn't dreamt as a kid to actually live out the life of a Pokemon Master, now we just need to make it a job (My Pokemon Resume here!).

The Looks

    Looking at the two maps it doesn't seem too off and impossible to achieve this idea. It would also be interesting to see what kind of automated styling could be over layered to speed up the process, but here is examples of what I mean. I think this is all I need to say about how the game would look you, and if your wondering no you can't use a Pidgey to fly from New York to Los Angeles, cheater! Trains, planes and automobiles...

Pokemon Map Red/Blue Version

Google Maps 8-bit April fools

How it would Play out

    How it would work? Well people there would be real gyms and actually location of Pokemon. Yes, you might actually have to travel across the country or even trade from someone in that location to get the Pokemon you want. It would heavily be integrated in the game using gps locating. Gps systems would showing where you are on the maps and other players so you can do battle. Of course it might seem odd if you caught someone out in the wood walking back and forth to fight fictional characters in a game. Even worse if someone was waiting in the bushes to jump you... in the game. Still I  think it would be a pretty fun idea and bring a whole new way to play the game. 

   I'm not sure if anyone has thought of this idea already and probably will never be built due to copy rights, but I just wanted to express my idea since it would be a game I would play. During my time in San Francisco I also had a chance to try on the Google Glass and hear about a game called "Ice Breaker". I think this game would be similar to that and add a new community of players to the franchise. 

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