Northern Safety Career and Personal Achievements

Opening Statement

    It comes as a great sadness to say that I am no longer continuing my services at Northern Safety as a Application Developer for the IT department. I would like to state that I had a wonderful time working with everyone within the company and hold no personal grudge against anyone or any decisions that were made. This was a neutral agreement and final decision made by management and myself. I would  just like to state some of  my achievements while I worked Northern Safety, and I will try to be less technical for readers with less of a computer relate background.

Taken in fall of 2012

Co-op Experience

    As a co-op, at Northern Safety I started out working with Orchard CMS. For those who do not know what Orchard is, Orchard is a free and open source project that focuses on content management and built off of the same framework used the Northern Safety site ( Content such a paragraph or the body of a web page are structured and organized in a way for the website to work with other services in place. An example where Orchard is used in place would be the Northern Safety News Articles or News Letters. Also as a Co-op I helped improved the Northern Safety's site overall in performance and reducing latency. I did this in two ways, one was reducing the number style sheets and the second implementing a Cache Module for Orchard that helped cache the home page. The reduction of this helps improve the site from 4 second load to an average 2 second load!

Part-time Experience

    As a part-time employee at Northern Safety I was put on the front of the lines to help develop the eCommerce site and started with the recreation of the registration page as well as the check-out pages used by customers during purchases. I helped place a validation systems on the client's browsers to speed up the process of clients registering by find problems with their request. By reporting to the user that a field was not complete this reduced the time that requests made to site and help improve the quality of Northern Safety's performance. Also another big achievement was made during this time when I found a bug that prevented users that had a shorter first names than their last which caused a registration error preventing user from ever adding themselves to the site. This was a major find and took some part of my efforts to go outside to of my expertise in front side application development and look in the middle tier solution. 
    After the first years I was given more task and needed to create a  partial view error handling system. Simply put when Northern Safety had a Jquery dialog and pulled in content that included some errors the pages would display the error. An example of what I am talking about can be seen here...

Northern Safety Dialog/Light box
...Now when this dialog or in Northern Safety terms a "Light Box" included a error it would not display correctly. This was a big achievement and allowed Northern Safety customers that encountered a error to be directed to a phone number for help. Some key elements where the Northern Safety Site uses a dialog are on an address edit, product purchase, detail information, and customer options.
  A few other highlights of my career at Northern Safety dealt with internal services such as the Northern Safety's WebAdmin and towards the end Quoting. My overall experience and work-loads varied at Northern Safety which at time required me to learn new but exciting technology. I would say my career at Northern Safety was a success in achieving my education and at the same time adding more skills to my belt. By learning methodologies to improve my organization skills, I have direction and goals to reach for a brighter career.

Personal Achievement

    After last year at Northern Safety, I started to look into mobile development for the Northern Safety. During my free time I took up this up and while attending college took a class on mobile development to sharpen my skills. This class was all in relative to my work at Northern Safety in using the same tools and frameworks. So it goes without saying that I aced the class but not able to bring my mobile experience to the table at Northern Safety due to internal priorities however I did complete a prototype of what the application would look like.

What Will I be Doing Now?

    Well you can find out here, on this blog if you would like and follow me to keep in touch.

Thanks Anthony Fassett

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