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Unity Editor freezing After Initial Start

     For about three month now I've been working on a little project in unity3d. The project is simple I have a udp socket in c++ and I want to communicate with it in my game. Currently it works great going out to my server. I can see all the requests and the speed is awesome! However here comes the big issue, unity after its first run freezes. Hard nothing is responding and the editor is completely useless until I close it and open it back up. For two weeks I stopped programming because of this, it was a stopping point for me until I figured out what was happening. At first I thought it was the game and after doing some reading messed around with the settings. With my issue it had nothing to do with rending/lighting.     It just happening to come to me last week after reading an article on threading. It was the last bit of code they gave as an example about proper closing a thread. Which got me thinking about my issue, I think unity is holding on to the upd connection and cause

Updating to ParticleSystems In Unity3D

This article loosely based on a service I want created and hopefully will soon be published. I just thought it would be beneficial for some to know. Since I like to keep on top of things this is one of the many issue I run into when adapting other people's code. This is a huge jump from 2016 to the 2017 version of unity3d. Notes - Using the correct enable property - Max and Min Particles Seems to be gone - I believe the fields move to MinMaxCurve - - ParticleSystem.startLife Instead of this field on the particle system it is on

A Good Structure can say a lot

      So one of the things you got to love about developing applications is the default folder structure. As a nou can easily pick up on the concepts and figure how to organize yourself. When starting out an unity3d project not so muc (in opinion). I look at the new 6 as a perfect an example, ita not simple but labeled out and can teach you new concepts. Maybe is just me since I write more web apps than games. Whatever the case may be I've learned is its not easy to pickup on new concepts if the structure isn't there by example.    So a little bit of my experience and not to down play unity3d cause it is pretty simple to get. What I see as a constant problem is organization and structure. Which the two go in hand when developing. Whenever I use plugins and import other's code its doffocult to get back so some kind of structure. Everyone does it differently but it can get really annoying if you have a folder structure and you want to force it across your i

Unity3D: Notes for My Next Game Part 6

     Continuing from my last note on my game and where I've landed on a few problems. This has become one of my projects on the bottom of the list. However I've been making it number two as of lastly and couldn't be happier with the break I took from it. Some of my designs were quickly being scrapped at I was developing so I took a step back. It might seem like I'm stalling on this project and honestly I think I am but I want it to actually be fun to play and that my only concern. Local Network Multiplayer  I'm not sure how far I want to go with it but I have a basic setup. Platform based Camera I will go over this in a video in the future. Character Movement limited to walking and power ups that randomly appear on the field. Objects are random positions and different speeds. Music for splash screen is a perfect fit! I'm concern about some of my code not functioning in multiplayer mode, even if its only local.

Unity: Notes for My Next Game V

    So I broke  one of my own rules, which was staying on task. With a lot of my notes being scattered all over the place the last few weeks it has been difficult to keep track of things. I have accomplish a lot, but I think I will go back to publishing my notes to better focus on my deadline.  I could have written the notes and just not publish them but I think it would be a waste of time,  especially  since I was already using a issue tracker. Publish these article forces my hand to show what I've got (which may not look like much for this article but I'll let you be the judge).  Notes:     I wanted to start getting my game in a playable state and since a lot of the small things bugged me. I just had to get them working right. I started worked on the things that just make it difficult to control my player but I did spend too much time on the player's character model. Controls on Android are not helpful with PC controls . Pc to android conversion (input),Unity3D in

Unity: Notes for My Next Game IIII

    This summer is going by fast however I think I got a lot done and I'm really surprised how quickly things are coming together. Like I said in my last article , I've played with Blender before. My goal for this week was really simple. Create a model, give it some animations and control it in unity . First Attempt (very basic...) Resources Cntrl-R - create more, "loop cut"? -  2.6/Manual/Modeling/Meshes/Editing/Subdividing/Loop Subdivide  BLENDER Tutorial - EASY Fully poseable hand in 10 minutes! - YouTube - audio is very low but very useful video Importing Blender into Blender After I imported my object I noticed on the back side one of the fingers was missing... Wasn't sure if this was something I did or a setting. Update  Solution:  One side of an object appears normal but the

Unity: Notes for My Next Game III

     So like I did in  my previous article , I'm going to list off the things I was want to get done so that I can focus on just those things. Here goes...  Note to Self: I  don't  have a video demo for this week (life got in the way..) but I think it will play out much better for next week's. Mission So this week I have an good idea what my characters will look like. I'm played around with Blender before but never got anywhere far to create what I need for this project. I think my characters are simple enough so that I can finish one of them by next week. So not in this article but perhaps the next one. In Game Menu Start Screen - Exit game End Game (not exiting, just restarting the round.) Start Plate Form (Reason and Types.)  This is where the story comes in and the different levels begin to unfold. Create Story (No sneak peeks for this, but it's important to know I did worked on it.) Questions Do I need a Terrain? I don't think I need one

Unity: Notes for My Next Game Part II

    So like I did in my previous article , I'm going to list off the things I was want to get done so that I can focus on just those things. Here goes... Mission Splash screen (no artwork yet) Just a start button for now. Continue with falling Objects  make their fall more random. Instead of just making them round add some edge to them ( probably not as seen ). Bonus... Blurry Texture? Results Resource      Splash Screen Creating a Splash Screen in Unity - Platformer Tutorial #1 - YouTube Loading Screen? - Unity Answers      Falling Object How can I spawn enemies within a specified random interval? Unity - Scripting API: Random Unity - Scripting API: Time (Notes for myself ) Unity's JS API has a Math  class  called Mathf instead and it's methods are capitalized. Unity - Scripting API: Mathf How to generate a random number inside Unity? - Unity Answers      Bonus   Blurry Textures, despite High Detail! - Unity Answers   Hid

Unity: Notes for My Next Game

    The reason I wrote this article was to create myself a mission of tasks to complete. A lot goes into a game and I already know that I need to narrow down my scope for this game. Especially if I want to have something really show in the next couple of months. So here is my focus... Mission Create landscape (slope, sky, borders) Make it so I can't fall off, it's annoying. Landscape Texture keeps scretching. First person view single player. Detect collision with falling objects Destroy player for now Repeat falling objects spawn multiple randomly. Create a timer for when a new object spawns. Resources for Landscape Task      Unity - Manual: How do I Make a Skybox?      Unity - Manual: Lightmapping Quickstart      How do I make a sky using skybox?      How to make a texture tile and not stretch      High quality skybox / space Resources for Player      What is the best free 3D modeling program to use alongside with Unity?      Unity - Scripting API

Getting a Unity Game on Steam

    I have been working quietly on my next game for one sometime now but I thought it would be good to write out this question I had since I wasn't the only person wondering it. My question was, can I use unity to publish a game on Steam? I wasn't sure because I wasn't too familiar with Steam's publishing process and didn't find any information with Unity from the UI. What I learned was that you can but need to go through their process called.  Greenlight Resources Unity Basic on Steam? - Unity Answers Steamworks - FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Other Game Publishing Outlets Games | Desura Little Indie - Shop Rockin' Indie Games one pixel at a time - Indie DB