Unity3D: Notes for My Next Game Part 6

     Continuing from my last note on my game and where I've landed on a few problems. This has become one of my projects on the bottom of the list. However I've been making it number two as of lastly and couldn't be happier with the break I took from it. Some of my designs were quickly being scrapped at I was developing so I took a step back. It might seem like I'm stalling on this project and honestly I think I am but I want it to actually be fun to play and that my only concern.
  • Local Network Multiplayer 
    • I'm not sure how far I want to go with it but I have a basic setup.
  • Platform based Camera
    • I will go over this in a video in the future.
  • Character Movement
    • limited to walking and power ups that randomly appear on the field.
  • Objects are random positions and different speeds.
  • Music for splash screen is a perfect fit!
I'm concern about some of my code not functioning in multiplayer mode, even if its only local.

Characters in my game.

    Some of the feedback I got from a small group of friends testing my game was a minor flaw in design with how the game starts out. As you start off there is a time period where there is no action happening and this is because the objects are not close enough to the starting point to be a real challenge. Luckily I have a solution, at the start of the game for a fixed map I can place objects randomly on the map closer and for more dynamic maps have a start timer. Provide the users with a loading screen and during that time let the randomness happen. If one of the objects reaches a certain point start the game!

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