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Git Cheatsheet

I'm always handling the code wherever I go so maybe its time I shared my notes. I'm really surprised but I should with my experience how many developers don't know git.
msysgit - git: 'credential-cache' is not a git commandHow do I update the password for Git?How do you attach a new pull request to an existing issue on github Squash commits!
I'm always forgetting this and its really simple to do if you remember both commands.

git rebase -i xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
git push --force origin master "where xxxxxxxxxx is the SHA of the commit upto which I've to squash"

Get username

git config user.nameChange Email
git config user.emailCaching Password on Windows.

git config --global credential.helper wincred

More coming soon...

Editing Blogger Post on Github, Rough Draft

This was an idea that came to me when I was looking at haacked's blog (awesome blog by the way!) which is mostly built with jekyll site since he uses github to host his site. I'm not really a fan of jekyll, I won't lie never played around with it. If github hosted a web server in nodeJs I probably would just move my blog in a heartbeat over to github completely but for now I like having it on blogger. 
    Now I haven't implemented this but here is a rough idea what I would do to achieve it. I think the image is pretty detailed but to sum it up I would IFTTT to notify my application when a new post is available and then create a commit to github and allow people to fork the blog's repository and then create edits. I've even started the repo here... 

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Google App Engine Automating Code Pushes

I was working on this idea for Penguins Rising when Google App Engine was relatively new so this solution didn't come until later in my research. Either way it good to spread the word and get an understand with what I attempted.

Google Cloud Platform Blog: Using GitHub for Push-to-Deploy

I have yet to created a process that takes advantage of the continuous integration in penguins Rising since most of my code is built in javascript is would be nice to have a bridge between phantomjs and Travis CI. Not sure how it would work since Google app engine would the notice for code pushes at the same time when I check in and Travis would have to tell G.A.E that the code cleared.

Uploading, Downloading, and Managing a Python App - Python
Python — Google Developers
Webhooks | GitHub API
Local Unit Testing for Python - Python - This showed the most promise.

Orchard: Filter out Content Types From Restricted Users.

I want to be very clear I did not write this code but it was provided to me and I was given permission by a colleague of mine to submit it.. To respect his privacy I will not be able to provide his name but on his behalf I did submit the code to help improve the orchard project. To explain it a little bit what the purpose of this code edit, it is to filter out content that is editable but the user does not have the permissions to create them. Normal what Orchard would do is display all creatable content and if a user clicks on a particular content type that is restricted it simply replies to the user that they do not have access to it. However with a lot of CMS projects I have developed it is sometimes better to simply hide what the user can not or should not be able to do. Less questions come up and even less problems are seen from the user's perspective. This is what I consider to be a best practice to provide the user with a good experience.

The Location:\orchard\src\Orchar…