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The New Way to Create Jquery Plugins Using Grunt & QUnit

     This is my take on the Jquery basic documentation  for creating a plugin. There are a lot of new ways to create a jquery plugin and even more frameworks to replace jquery altogether. However I found myself at that point where the scope of the project was limited in a framework but had large enough components that could separated into plugins. I've removed all the business logic and now just want to create a very scalable plugin. Example Project & Setup     With my Jquery Plugin , I'm using Nodejs and continuous integration to do the heavy lifting. All I'm doing is taking a selected element from the caller and determine if it already has a table. Then if it does attach data to provided url's from the developer. Simple enough but there more to it, I just simplified the explanation incase people want to skip over this part and others who are interested can just read more about the plugin on github. Like Peanut Butter and Jelly!  Tools & Systems T

Running Solr on Google Cloud

    Google App Engine has gone under a great number of changes and originally I set out to use it to my advantage but instead went through Google's cloud platform to run solr on a virtual machine. This gave me a lot more flexibility and didn't require to change any of Solr's source code. In theory changing the source code to handle the file system available through app engine would work.       I'm not going to get into the steps of how I did this, I think it's pretty straight forward, setup your linux vm and install java, then set up tomcat with Solr. With my catalog-demo, I used the site to proxy to the vm and gave the vm permission to only my web site's IP. The links below are docs that give more information on that. As far as costs go, it is very cheap to spin up a machine and to get the Solr server running. However I'm not happy with the solution and know I can create an even better solution so I've shutdown the server and started looking at other

Just a Thought with MVC and Portability

        Since the release of Vnext this idea has become less of a concern for me but a majority of my "professional" projects have been in MVC and with Vnext offering larger amount of support this article doesn't really reflect any of my current solutions. Instead it is just a thought on allowing me to continue with the frameworks that I currently use in my career with frameworks that are available to me in my personal projects.       It is very important to me, to create fast, low cost, and high processing application. As I like build with large number of tools in order to increase my productivity since I have less time at home. Working in familiar frameworks between work and home isn't a must but just something I think that works in my favor. If all else fails, I can just pick things up. I go along. Plus there's always the bonus of my javascript skills.      My original thoughts for this approach show below was to move all my controllers into an angular pr

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