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Task Scheduling With AgendaJs and MongoDB

This was a project I wanted to start for my consulting project however my team was using TopShelf to create windows service and handled timers in the main loop. Which is fine but if you wanted to look up execution logs, like last run or if it was currently running you had to be on the machine. Checking the service status, and system logs. Later we used the database with nlog to help us but I think hangfire would have been a improvement. Side not for my calendar project this would have been the route I would have taken for the backend service or at least started looking at.

Angular 9: Loading App

A lot of my articles this month are going to be useless to some people because they arent organized in any way. This is because there were quick notes collected when I was consulting and using angular 9. Which was working for me at that time to complete my work. Until I have another professional angular project, angular 12 is looking like a pain to upgrade from 9 so much so it has slowed my personal projects down. So all research and work I do is on my personal time.

WebApi: Notes & Richardson Maturity Model

I forget how I came across this but certainly need to research more on the subject. For now I'll just leave this article here for myself to remind myself later.  HATEOAS - idempotent - upserts - What is the   Richardson Maturity Model ? The   Richardson Maturity Model   is a way to grade your API according to the constraints of REST. ... The   Richardson Maturity Model   knows 4   levels   (0-3), where level 3 designates a truly RESTful API.

Configuration Pains with Postfix

In the start of 2018 around February I finally got everything in place to send and receive emails. For now my server just sends emails not receive. I want to investigate more into the authorization system for postfix and currently at the moment I caught up on ways to create listeners which I need for another project. I want to create an aspnet core version of squirrel mail but for now things are where I need them.

Angular 9: Bootstrap Model Error handling and a better Component

Constantly pushing my content into modals and so I can make the call asynchronously and speed up the page in little ways. Related issue with an example using Jquery Modal Handling with Components Component scope passing Angular Interceptor Extra Notes

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