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Penguins Rising: Caching in Google App Engine

One day while I was exploring Google's Page-speed Insights to determine whether there was anything I could possibly improve with Penguins Rising. I discovered that I was not Leveraging the browser cache. Up to this point the only type of caching I had done was with the HTML5 cache manifest, however this was different than what Page-speed insight was advising me with and this was also what lead me to my question that is the majority of what this article is about. QuestionLucky for me, I am not the only person to have asked this, but "What is the difference between a Cache Manifest and a Cache header?" As it stand with Page-speed Insight my current results with Penguins Rising (will vary) as you can see for yourself.

Using Expiration in the Content Header
You can set the expiration time however you like, I tested my application with 10 minute expiration date.
//Inside the app.yaml default_expiration:"10m"

Once you set the expiration in the header it will…