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Entity Framework: ToListAynsc & WhereAsync

When upgrading aspnet mvc applications I like to take a look on how I can convert the api's to async. This sometimes is really easy but as things get more complex my queries do as well. So this is a list of ways you can form a where clause on top your  async  but note not all solutions take advantage of it. Notes on EFCore Entity Framework Core provides a set of asynchronous extension methods that can be used as an alternative to the LINQ methods that cause a query to be executed and results returned. Examples include  ToListAsync() ,  ToArrayAsync() ,  SingleAsync() , etc. There are not async versions of LINQ operators such as  Where(...) ,  OrderBy(...) , etc. because these methods only build up the LINQ expression tree and do not cause the query to be executed in the database. Filtering a collection by an async result ,  built an extension method called WhereAsync. publ

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