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Running Solr on Google Cloud

    Google App Engine has gone under a great number of changes and originally I set out to use it to my advantage but instead went through Google's cloud platform to run solr on a virtual machine. This gave me a lot more flexibility and didn't require to change any of Solr's source code. In theory changing the source code to handle the file system available through app engine would work.       I'm not going to get into the steps of how I did this, I think it's pretty straight forward, setup your linux vm and install java, then set up tomcat with Solr. With my catalog-demo, I used the site to proxy to the vm and gave the vm permission to only my web site's IP. The links below are docs that give more information on that. As far as costs go, it is very cheap to spin up a machine and to get the Solr server running. However I'm not happy with the solution and know I can create an even better solution so I've shutdown the server and started looking at other

Google App Engine - Bundling and Minification

    I love the Bundling and  Minification  feature in MVC (4.0+) but sadly I couldn't find a similar process in Google App Engine. So I went looking to create it, but there was a few work arounds I had in place. For example for my styles I simply used Less.js but for my javascript I would have to either pass them through a minifier.     In order to create the best web application on Google App Engine you need to be able to bundle and minify your resources. Last week I looked at externally improve this speed of the game "Penguins Rising" which is hosted on Google App Engine. This externally services was  PageSpeed Insights  and managed under Google's  Webmaster Tools . Which is a little confusing of where I need to go or use for my Application since Webmaster tools is separate from Google API Console. Research for a Python Solution Approaches to minify js and css in grails applications - Stack Overflow Python script for minifying CSS? - Stack Overfl

Google App Engine Automating Code Pushes

    I was working on this idea for Penguins Rising when Google App Engine was relatively new so this solution didn't come until later in my research. Either way it good to spread the word and get an understand with what I attempted. Solution Google Cloud Platform Blog: Using GitHub for Push-to-Deploy Problems I have yet to created a process that takes advantage of the continuous integration in penguins Rising since most of my code is built in javascript is would be nice to have a bridge between  phantomjs  and  Travis CI . Not sure how it would work since Google app engine would the notice for code pushes at the same time when I check in and Travis would have to tell G.A.E that the code cleared. Resources d6y/example-webhook Uploading, Downloading, and Managing a Python App - Python Python — Google Developers Webhooks | GitHub API Local Unit Testing for Python - Python  - This showed the most promise.

My Python Experience

    I was first introduced to the Python during my first year of college. However sadly it was not the focus of the class and it was only added as a extra piece of material. The class, I was took was more focused around pseudo-code or basic programming concepts and the professor just added the book Python Programming: An Introduction to Computer Science by John M. Zelle  for students who had no programming experience prior or to those who would like to use their pseudo skills in programming language. I had no prior programming experience but I also had little time during college to complete extra work on top of my two jobs and full college semester. I did try to read in between semesters while I worked the phones at my desk job which had me handling IT calls but it was just impossible to do. Once I completed college I had experience C++, C#, Java, and almost everything else so I felt it was time to return to Python.     With all my new skills I felt getting Python under my belt woul

Google App Engine: Ignoring Files/Folders on a Windows PC

This is a short article but important for my case since I have a lot of files that I do not want to release with the final production of my app. My assumption at first was that if your "app.yaml" file does not contain a handler for the specified a file or folder it would by simply ignore it but  does not seem to be the case. Resources Google App Engine App.yaml config for skip-files to ignore Mercurial files - Stack Overflow Create/rename a file/folder that begins with a dot in Windows? - Super User Summary Just put a dot in front as well as at the back of a folder/file's name.