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Why you might want to use Amp

Currently working on a blogger template that is completely stripped down to bare bones to setup a AMP site. This just a list of reasons why you start using AMP at least for maybe for blogs which I'm more interested. I wouldn't recommend for business sites just yet. Unless you're site is very simple and straight forward or mostly middler-tier based anyway. Pro's Everything in a AMP site is styled directly in the beginning of the site, no external stylesheets (a huge performance boost). Global styling forces developer to think globally about their styles. So the styles run more like a style guide. Styles are limited about the total amount for AMP making developers to do more with less. No inline-styles this is a plus because there is no surprises for other developers jumping in or modifying (look at cons). No inline javascript, where this is the same for inline styling. No external javascript, this is really something you will want to know before getting into AM