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Flavorstrap npm package, in-depth Documentation

There is three ways stylesheet libraries can be modified, excluding the idea of outside styling (themes). The first is through variables which limited to basic styles such as sizes, colors and other global variables. The second is extending existing css classes for example a “panel” has default, danger, warning, primary, info, and success. One could easily add a extended class called “panel-super” and continue development as any other panel variety. The last is a total rewrite of a bootstrap class, which can be avoided with flavorstrap. Advantages/Support and reasons why!? Get any version of bootstrap you want, break it down to any level you want and without impacting it for long term maintainability! Workflow: Create Sass/Less Build Sass/Less + bootstrap’s Less/Sass Remove Dups and merge styles Add prefixes See your results! Problems I faced:      For a lot of sass or css optimization solutions rudy is a constant deal breaker which meant looki

Bower: Installing Bootstrap without jquery

    For one of my projects I was using AngularJs and UI Bootstrap. Which converts all the jquery code to angular code and adds some helpful directives. From what I notice with bower was that I couldn't install bootstrap without jquery. Since it was a dependency of bootstrap.    Note, I'm still working on this!  It's important for me publish this since I've gotten so far with it. As started out I thought what I could do was to install the bower components and then try to exclude jquery in a separate folder. However in another article I will look at a better solution. Which will be where just ignore the jquery and combine the files I want. However I can see reasons for both approaches. Like in my case I wanted to remove some nuget packages and then pass off that task to bower, which I think is now how vnext is doing it. In my case though there was too many views names js/css files and just too many js and css files.     So this first part isn't much but I t