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Make Android studio behave like Visual Studio

    I really enjoy using Android Studio compared to eclipse, a years ago I would be frustrated looking for things but now days this isn't the case. With my job I need to use Visual Studio and over the course of five years I think I've mastered most of the hotkeys. The transition isn't too much difficult between the two but it can get annoying with the hotkeys. Also I want to say love look of both IDE's so other than functionality the two are awesome tools to work with. Prevent Last Project from Auto Opening    I sometimes forget what my last project even was, thankfully its a simple to fix. Open your Setting and under General remove the check for "Reopen last project on startup" and you're done! Prevent Auto Gradle Running  This really slow things down when starting up. If its know working project doesn't make sense to just waste time processing. I'm talking about projects where the dependencies are already included. Disable Gradle auto

Google Service Account with Aspnet MVC Behind A Proxy

    Recently I had a fun project to attach google analytics data to an internal site which took longer complete than I thought intial thought but now I could complete in just a day. My biggest issue was finding out the issue was related to the company's proxy. Which I quickly fixed by just added the following snippet at the bottom of this article. For everything else this is just my notes and things I found to help me drill down into the queries for grabbing the data.  Questions How to get the Access Token for GA? - C redential.RequestAccessTokenAsync Querying example -  Use Google Analytics API to show information in C# - Stack Overflow Behind a Company Firewall     Both errors I encountered were "No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it" and  “requested service '…' could not be activated” the first time it's accessed ".   <>     <defaultProxy useDefaultCredentials="

AngularJS: Single Page App Notes

    This is article long overdue and I just wanted to talk about a few things I think others should know before starting. My first piece of advise is use use ui-route rather than ng-router. Really get to know ui-router because of its awesomeness. Using Parameters     I've come to really enjoy using parameters in all my apps and if you work with them well enough you can find some really cool ways to simplify your code. Example using the value of a parameter to set up detailed information in a child view saves time building out the whole app because with the url you can save the state. Just a small way to change your app rather than always looking up a global list. So that in mind for tracking information. Also when possible make "beautiful routes" or readable routes it helps other people following the structure. Backward Compatible     I have been able to get ui-router to work with ie8 using es5-shim, if you don't need to control the browser history you pretty m

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