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MS Certification and Learning Planner

Introduction The point here to simply explain my idea that the MS "Certification Planner" combined with the MS's  MVA  "Learning Planner" would not only be beneficial but cater to multiple types of users such as myself.     MVA stands for Microsoft Virtual Academy and has recently add in the an option to make a planner for classes which is great for either long or short term goals. MVA Learning Planner If you have not yet received a certification now's the time as it is easier than ever to know what path you wish to go down and the titles you will receive. Never the less here an example of what the "Certification Planner" Looks like. MS Certification Planner But Why?       I for one plan to take multiple certifications that might not lead to a 'title'. For example I am a Web Developer and have the HTML5 Certification. I plan to take the C# certification as well since I do develop using MVC, but I do not care

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