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Orchard 1.10.1 - Seo & Social Module

Most of the work I do for orchard is open source, this is because nothing other than content is property of my employer. Even if open source makes some employers uncomfortable a lot of my work is about success of a given project or the development process flow. In other words is everyone able to achieve what with the development or features created within a given project. That's just my take on things, I'm sure someone will disagree, putting security in a much higher priority. Which I think is a big part of my reason for being open source on the things I could improve unpon. Notes:

Intuitive Third Party Packages

   In relevance  to my package npm "flavorstrap" this is a little of a working progress for me and a few of my github projects I hopes it helps others. I've based this heavily on what I've seen others do  and what I think looks helpful to others. In that there enough context provided for others to go off from github package. I I face this problem with sometimes but I love to code so I spend the extra time to read someone else's code using a project as well. It helps if the documentation isn't there or if the code shows something the developer didn't think of.  Now this is just in my opinion and not so much a complain but advice for myself. I would definitely say I have used my share of third party libraries more often than actually written any but I do appreciate the ones well written. For example bootstrap and android's documentation pretty good and they even include some examples. However there are a couple of things I would suggest. For starters d

My Orchard CMS Experience

Introduction This post is just to document my experiences with Orchard CMS and to list some of the resources that I used while developing a orchard module. I will go back through later and clean this post up but for now here is the code that I created with a previous employer. Github Resources sadomovalex's blog: Hide content type fields in Orchard CMS Orchard Project - View Discussion orchardcms - Orchard CMS: Right way to get field value from view? - Stack Overflow orchardcms - Orchard CMS module that uses HTTP session state - Stack Overflow Dynamically switching the theme in Orchard - Tales from the Evil Empire Let’s Install an Orchard “Module” | Ponderings - Various Topical  Thoughts by Brad Kingsley Custom Orchard Module that Plays HTML5 Video with Flash Fallback - Orchard CMS Development Accessing and rendering shapes - Orchard Documentation Packaging and sharing themes - Orchard Documentation Creating custom content type

CMS Integration with Existing Sites in IIS

    For this setup you will need IIS 8.0 or higher because of the URL rewrites module. In my process of figuring this out I ran into some pretty funny infinite loops so watch out those if you're site is taking a long time to load. Most of this process is just using the URL rewrites, and what we are trying to do is make our application the homepage and have the CMS rest in the back making all links needed point to it. We could easily reverse this setup and make the CMS the homepage, or we could pull data from the CMS into our web application. Making some kind of widget built based on the CMS, which is easy to do if your CMS has an API  service already built out.    In this example I make the CMS seat behind my web application and routed the CMS's to a subdomain. There is also a legacy site which will seat next to the CMS on its own sub subdomain. If the url's within each application are relative then there is no need to modify them for this setup. Example of URL

Orchard 1.8 Multiple Blogs with Different Workflows

    So you want to have multiple blogs and on top of it all you need to create a different work follow for each blog? One example that I have is a process that I created which allows for two types of workflows. The first is where users are monitored by a manager and the second is one without. In my particularly case the two types of blogs even had a control group that had access to both.     The first problem I saw in my case was with permission since some of our permissions are global where the blog modifier has access over multiple blogs and users that don't should only be aware of their particular blog. By default Orchard's blog content type is a container in which it is a single type allowing child's of that type but this does not allow use to configure children's permissions.      So here's what I did create the two blogs as custom content types where they act much like a blog post and really we don't need them for more than that being in my case of cour

Orchard: Filter out Content Types From Restricted Users.

I want to be very clear I did not write this code but it was provided to me and I was given permission by a colleague of mine to submit it.. To respect his privacy I will not be able to provide his name but on his behalf I did submit the code to help improve the orchard project. To explain it a little bit what the purpose of this code edit, it is to filter out content that is editable but the user does not have the permissions to create them. Normal what Orchard would do is display all creatable content and if a user clicks on a particular content type that is restricted it simply replies to the user that they do not have access to it. However with a lot of CMS projects I have developed it is sometimes better to simply hide what the user can not or should not be able to do. Less questions come up and even less problems are seen from the user's perspective. This is what I consider to be a best practice to provide the user with a good experience. The Location : \ orchard

Integrating Orchard CMS with an Existing MVC Apps

I have created multiple modules within the Orchard CMS framework and even setup complete systems that have helped maintain internal data but after all that I still had a question for myself. Can I use Orchard for a project where Orchard was not the focus of the application and integrated with existing applications. So in other words Orchard was an extension or a sub application. Resources Orchard Project - Integrate Orchard with existing web forms site mvc - How do I integrate Orchard CMS with a current MVC2 application? - Stack Overflow .net - Integrate existing ASP.NET MVC application with Orchard CMS - Stack Overflow Orchard Project - Integrating Orchard into existing MVC site Orchard Project - Can I integrate nopCommerce with Orchard Theory Using MVC's Area concept you might be able to create a MVC application and have Orchard rest inside the created area and if you wanted also have your database on a single or separate instance from the Orchard solut