Intuitive Third Party Packages

   In relevance  to my package npm "flavorstrap" this is a little of a working progress for me and a few of my github projects I hopes it helps others. I've based this heavily on what I've seen others do  and what I think looks helpful to others. In that there enough context provided for others to go off from github package. I I face this problem with sometimes but I love to code so I spend the extra time to read someone else's code using a project as well. It helps if the documentation isn't there or if the code shows something the developer didn't think of.  Now this is just in my opinion and not so much a complain but advice for myself. I would definitely say I have used my share of third party libraries more often than actually written any but I do appreciate the ones well written. For example bootstrap and android's documentation pretty good and they even include some examples. However there are a couple of things I would suggest. For starters developers should be alert and aware of similar names to their own project and avoid confusions.

   I noticed a pattern with the names but not clear in the docs what the difference is. I had to use most of these libraries so I could know the differences, but still documentation would have helped.
  • grunt-contr-sass (ruby) vs. grunt-sass (no ruby).
  • grunt-htmlmin vs. grunt-contr-htmlmin
    If your not familiar with sass you would have even more confusion. Just do a simple search on nuget. I know which package I need or want to use but the problem is the same. Your needs may differ and I'm sure some those packages have their place. However we're just looking for the regular use case in most packages. It's not very clear what the difference are between particular packages and this is not only a problem on Nuget packages but also node's npm package. Maybe things are just not clear to me how they are setup or maybe I could have read a little more in depth on the library and find some information on why the packages might be setup that way.

Everywhere else 
    Use github, I'm not kidding its nice to see a package in multiple location and having a strong supported community. From what I've seen nothing else comes clearer than github repo's but I'm open to use whatever with third packages. I would like to nuget evolve into a more friendly interface as well as a platform for its third party packages. Until that happens, I think the second best example of how to document package could be npm package.

Just an example of Third Packages that I'm familiar with and pulled from my experience. 
  • API/Modules
  • Npm Packages
  • Orchard Modules
  • Nuget Package

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