Fixing a Windows 7 Machine

 Sometimes I have to work in an environment I disagree with and its in those situations I learn the most because I don't just accept my situation. I adapter to improve them. Windows 7 is already out the door but some places hold on to it like its all there is. I'm using windows 10 to work on my personal projects and can say as a developer it is a lot easier to manage.

Fix Sound crash
This is related to the C:\Windows\System32\audiodg.exe  but restarting this process sometimes doesnt fix the problem so do the following.
  1. Right click on My Computer
  2. Chose Manage
  3. Select Device Manager in the left panel
  4. Expand Sound, video and game controllers
  5. Find your audio driver and right click on it.
  6. Chose Disable
  7. Right click on the audio driver again
  8. Chose Enable

Roaming account & Machine ProfilePath
/HOMEDIR:pathname        Sets the path for the user's home directory.
                         The path must exist.
/PROFILEPATH[:path]      Sets a path for the user's logon profile <path>
net user SomeUser /homedir: <path>
  1. Create a System Restore Point.
  2. Log on under an admin account.
  3. Move the folder c:\Users\SomeUser so that it becomes d:\SomeUser.
  4. Open the registry editor.
  5. Navigate to HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList.
  6. Search for “ProfileImagePath” until you find the one that points at c:\Users\YOURUSER.
  7. Modify it so that it points at d:\YOURUSER.
  8. Use System Restore in case things go wrong.
Delete Extra User Folders on Your machine
Sometimes you inherit a previous employees machine so try getting the ownership of the folder.

"Right-Click the folder -> Properties -> Security tab -> Advanced button -> Owner tab -> Edit button -> Select your user account -> Activate Replace owner on subcontainers and objects.
When done, close all properties windows and open Properties again -> Security tab -> Advancedbutton -> Permissons tab -> Change Permissons button -> Add your user account and selectReplace all child object...
Then try again."

Common processes

  • Checking tasklist /SVC
  • sc config trkwks start= disabled

Manage your local network
Track applications with tracert or using fiddler. Look for applications being backed up over the internet and disable services inside process manager. Install chrome extension that forces https if its available (just google for one there's tons out there).

Final Solution
   When all else fails with your work machine, destroy it and install linux via your android device.

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