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Intuitive Third Party Packages

   In relevance  to my package npm "flavorstrap" this is a little of a working progress for me and a few of my github projects I hopes it helps others. I've based this heavily on what I've seen others do  and what I think looks helpful to others. In that there enough context provided for others to go off from github package. I I face this problem with sometimes but I love to code so I spend the extra time to read someone else's code using a project as well. It helps if the documentation isn't there or if the code shows something the developer didn't think of.  Now this is just in my opinion and not so much a complain but advice for myself. I would definitely say I have used my share of third party libraries more often than actually written any but I do appreciate the ones well written. For example bootstrap and android's documentation pretty good and they even include some examples. However there are a couple of things I would suggest. For starters d

Nuget Packages You May Not want to use

    This is just a thought and in my opinion, I feel that there are certain packages in Nuget that include css files  in which developers should use with caution. A good example is Bootstrap, which you should try using less instead of your own css file other customizing the bootstrap css. The reason for this is because less allows you to separate your styles from the root of bootstrap and makes it simpler for later updates with bootstrap. Not to mention the possibility of changing the third party libraries that you might be using. If the library you are using isn't in a less format I would be worried about customizing it because it would only make things harder for when you want to move away to something else.     I think most developers out there are using Jquery UI or bootstrap but not many are using less which puts a lot of projects in danger for restyling and restructuring their code. I've made it my goal to try and not to separate css files into more than one css in prod