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Angular 8 Material - mat-slide-toggle is unknown!

Currently wrapping things up with the project: MyPatco and you can find the repo here for example. Under my angular5 repo which isn't really angular 5 anymore but infact angular 8. That tells you how long its been since I've actually been working on this project. Or it could say how quickly angular is updating. Either way I'm going through my notes and writing about all the bugs I faced as I do with all my projects. This was probably the easiest bug but one that I thought was very interesting. I would have thought the component would be in scope give the fact that its under the library material. However it needs to be imported explicitly. Which makes me wonder what other pieces or components need to be imported as well. I currently use a small set of features for mypatco, I do plan to add notifications. I have the features listed out either in my issues under mypatco and whatever extra libraries I use under the repo's wiki. To answer my question from earlier,  &qu

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