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Notes: Creating an Automated Testing Framework W/ Selenium

     Recently finished watching all the videos on Selenium on automated testing and looking forward adding this framework to all my web applications tests. The rest of my knowledge can be found on the  Login-Automation  project ( I took the example and created it around google's login instead of the wordpress example show ). Types of Testing Unit Testing At the code level, code first! Such as "Mocking" or D.I. Integration Testing No need for mocking but still code. Black-box Automate Testing (BAT) Testing in a scope from a user  Regression - "worked yesterday" Absolute Requirements! Leverage Common failures Recorded brittle tests - weakly attached and simple changes break the tests, manual fixes. Not Building A Framework - Start out good, but end up the same problem. Writing Test like Code - Passed off to not programmers and slow degrade. Solution      Separate automation framework and simple tests. Test drive creation of

Diving Back into Selenium and Getting Somewhere!

     Recently I've gone back to using Selenium and started to really get comfortable using it. One of the problems that I constantly face when using Selenium is not having good example and looking at Selenium as a whole in whether it is worthwhile. My problems only get work when I have to ask me  whether to use the Selenium IDE or the server package.  Which is more scalable to do? Which one is better to give to a team QA that non-technical? Some of these questions can be answered on the Selenium site but some of them depend on your work environment and how much time you want to spend on creating a system of some kind to do all that.      What you really want for all project is something that you can automate across popular browsers not just a single one. Plus avoid doing a dry run every time to correct your UI tests. So the IDE which really a plugin is not going to do that for you but even if I gave it to a QA non-technical team I don't think it would be used effectively