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Eye Tracking Project Notes

One of the main reasons I bought a 3d printer was to explore the idea of creating a headset with a medium to low end camera attached to it.  With a enough luck create a device that would work by tracking the eye. At the moment I'm putting this project on hold but I want to look at these resources later.

Open Source Projects
Eye Tracking Open source eye trackingPyGaze | Open source eye-tracking software and more.OGAMA (OpenGazeAndMouseAnalyzer)Devices and Alternatives

Angular: Custom Value Checkbox

Sometimes the dba won't change a field's datatype in the database which why handle all my databases now days. Just some quick notes for handling custom values to send back to the database for a form post. Using angular 1.5...

<inputtype="checkbox"ng-model="item.selected"ng-true-value="'TRUE'"ng-false-value="'FALSE'"/> - "add quotations because it's an angularjs expression and it also needs to be a constant" 

Resources view not updating when checkbox clickedPassing dynamic value with single quote as a ng-true-value expression fails