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Penguins Rising: Responsive Text with the Title Screen

With little testing as possible I wanted to create a title for penguins rising that was styled and would resize based on the device. I knew how to achieve this using css media queries however I would still need to test my queries on multiple devices which would take more time to test than actually write them. So I wondered what if there was a faster way to do this. Looking around I found ways to achieve this but most required Jquery and creating an event trigger to update the text size. Which wouldn't be too difficult to create but I have removed Jquery from my solution for sometime now.

Things I looked at for this solution

Text (not changing it too often.)Font-size - scale to full width of the screen.Font-Style - Added this later but not all devices liked text strokes in css.
The answer if very clear to me and one that at the beginning I considered, but I wanted to weigh all my options first. By simply making the Title a image and setting the width to 100% should have no probl…

Create Custom Webconfigs in Asp.Net MVC

Here are some highlighted notes on creating a custom web-config, that I wrote after finding a very quick and easy solution to. Overall the process is very easy to get started just I felt pictures were needed because the solution I found lacked any.
Without editing, and by default MVC comes with a Debug and Release config but since I like to create a QA stage for my configurations with all my application another webconfig needs to be added.
Now right click on the project solution and go to properties, this will bring up the configuration manager. You can also just click on the build tab shown in the second image below.

Under the configuration tab and inside the dropdown simply select "New" and add in your custom Config name, for this article I just name mine example.Important keep the leave the "create new project configurations" check." If not checked you will not be able to Add the webconfig later and will have to remove it and add the config again…

Asp.Net MVC Warning Msg: "Consider app.config Remapping of Assembly"

I don't like to ignore warnings if I can help it so looking at the output window in Visual Studio I can see the following message listed in the title. I make it my goal once a project is working and completely setup to go back and clean out as many warnings as possible which in most cases I do this while I'm working. There are a lot of ways to see this warning message but one of the reasons that it appears for me is from updating packages. For one reason or another some packages aren't updating properly and the older versions are still being pointed to in one or more webconfigs.
    There are two approaches I have found to solve this, one is updating the webconfigs manually which will require you to look at the packages and versions being pointed to in the webconfigs. Or you can try the using Nuget command console. Targeting just the packages that appears in the warning message, and re-installing. This sometimes will work but if that fails there is a step had to I try…

Coursera: Gamification Notes II

Motivation & Psychology (I)For Gamification you need psychology to a certain degree to understand users motivation and making gamification effective. Motivation is different for everyone and can be counterintuitive. 
Cognitivism - about the mental states, internally.

Behaviorism - looking externally at what people do. Testing what goes in and out of the persons behavior. Making a stimulus connect with a behavior and leading to something good or a consequence. 

Observation - Pick up on people's reaction and learn from it.Feedback loops - Users seeing this learn and get a reaction from it.Reinforcement - Learning between motivation and gamification system.
Behavioral economics - "lets look at what people actually do"

Loss aversion Power of defaultConfirmation bias
Cognitive Evaluation Theory Tangible/intangibleExpected/unexpectedContingencyTask noncontingentEngagementCompletionPerformance
Reward Schedules - A time framework that the reward is given. have a significant implica…

Coursera: Introduction to Databases Part II

Continuing from my previous article this post is a collection of my notes, and my study of SQL databasing.

Relational Algebra
Tuple - Wikipedia
sql - What does the term "Tuple" Mean in Relational Databases? - Stack Overflow
sql - Clear explanation of the "theta join" in relational algebra? - Stack Overflow

Two selection operators in a row can always be replaced by a single selection operator whose condition is the "and" of the two selection conditions. If there are two projection operators in a row, the attribute list of the second (outer) projection must be a subset of the attribute list of the first (inner) projection. Thus, the first projection can be removed without changing the result of the expression.
JoinInner Join on ConditionNatural JoinInner Join Using (attrs)Aggregation
Aggregate Functions (Transact-SQL)
Aggregate function - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
SQL Functions

Null Values in relational database are undefined or unknown, and used to de…

Coursera: Terrorism and Counterterrorism Notes

The main reason for me taking this class even though it was not related to the computer science was to gain a better understanding on terrorism and also to make any connections to related topic in the computer science like cyber-terrorism. To explain a little bit more on why I felt I should have a better understanding on terrorism draws back from my last year college. During which the summer of 2013, I meet with SUNYIT's president. Our discussion was about collaborating with Google Maps' floorplans. With the help from a Google Maps team, this project would allow students to find classes and events more easily while on the campus. However this motion was denied and had end on the note that terrorists would use this new technology to their advantage. I strongly disagreed with this acquisition and so I started my research on the topic using the Tags: SUNYIT, Google Maps.

Questions to ask? Who would have an agenda?National? Local?Religion?Are we on another Golden Age for Terroris…