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Removing the Cloud

I am trying to remember if I've talked about this before in my blog, it's been a while. Mainly because I've been working towards this idea. Rather than building a social network, I've instead moved on to doing the whole cloud myself. Removing Google, Amazon, and Microsoft from my life, I would encourage others but that's wishful thinking. Instead, I'm just doing my own thing. Got me a server and moved all my applications out of the cloud. Of course, some of the stuff I use is hard to move like this blog but for everything else, I'm completely independent.    For a lot of people, this might seem a strange time to do this, with cloud computing becoming cheaper and easier. I see the writing on the wall. The obvious reason, is my competitive business model, with the big three companies. It's becoming more critical for me to move out of the cloud. So even if I wasn't already worried or paranoid as some might call it about my code. I'm already

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