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Aspnet: IncludeScopes for Providers

On a previous job I had this in my appsettings.json,      {     "Logging": {         "IncludeScopes": false,         "LogLevel": {           "Default": "Information",           "Microsoft": "Warning",           "Microsoft.AspNetCore": "Warning",           "Microsoft.Hosting.Lifetime": "Trace"         }       }     } Getting a warning message, "logging configuration for provider. The provider name must match the configuration's json property name." This doesn't help me understand why its looking warning for an object. If it helps I'm using nlog but this warning still appears even if I remove nlog. After writing this I found the docs here:  Logging in .NET Core and ASP.NET Core And the following fixes my warning:      "Logging": {         "Console": {           "IncludeScopes": false         },         "LogLevel": {  

7 Days to Die Server on Ubuntu with background service

Sometime back I created a service for this game so I didnt have to manage it in a separate terminal. Saw a lot of tutorials that used this method, thankfully I have know linux well enough to improve this. Important to look over the  serverconfig.xml . I've noticed it you have an error in the server config the game just doesn't start but that could have been combined with other bugs I was working out at the time of writing this. In any case need to make sure all  things are in order before adding this service solution. Step one: Create File vim  /etc/systemd/system/ sdaysded.service chmod u+x sdaysded.service sudo systemctl enable sdaysded.service Step Two: Write to File [Unit] Description=sdaysded service StartLimitIntervalSec=0 [Service] #User=steam Restart=always RestartSec=1 #WorkingDirectory=/home/sdaysded ExecStart=/home/sdaysded/ -configfile=/home/sdaysded/serverconfig.xml [Install] Step 3: Test journalctl -u s

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