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Bootstrap3 - Radio Nested/Collapsible

Last year I create a login page which I'm very happy to say I built it just how I wanted it. A rare thing if you've ever had to deal with management. Since the page only existed within sharepoint I want to keep things simple. So I went with jquery 2.x and bootstrap 3.3.7. Oldies But Goldies; so a few things I didn't want to create a lot of jquery code. So I had to really use the bootstrap collapsible component as much as I could without breaking it.

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Disable collapse for link in a data-toggle element
You need to add a class for those elements that you don't want to fire the collapse event and then stop the event propagation via javascript. So... here is the correct answer. <divclass="panel panel-default"><divclass="panel-heading"><divclass="panel-title"data-toggle="collapse"href=