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Coursera: Terrorism and Counterterrorism Notes

   The main reason for  me taking this class even though it was not related to the computer science was to gain a better understanding on terrorism and also to make any connections to related topic in the computer science like cyber-terrorism . To explain a little bit more on why I felt I should have a better understanding on terrorism draws back from my last year college. During which the summer of 2013, I meet with SUNYIT's  president. Our discussion was about collaborating with  Google Maps' floorplans . With the help from a Google Maps team, this project would allow students to find classes and events more easily while on the campus. However this motion was denied and had end on the note that terrorists would use this new technology to their advantage. I strongly disagreed with this acquisition and so I started my research on the topic using the Tags: SUNYIT, Google Maps. Questions to ask? Who would have an agenda? National?  Local? Religion? Are we on another