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A Guide for the 70-480 Exam

Introduction     This is simply a guide and in it will not will provide you with any answers to the actual questions that be on the exam nor guarantee that you will pass the exam. However I have taken the beta test now and can show you references to what topics that may be on the exam. So with that said I hope this guide helps and don't forget to comment if I leave something out.     On the  certification page  you will find a list of topics and the skills of measurements that will be required to pass the exam. Following these four areas will be of great help, however from my experience I can say that it is not enough. You much actual practice using these skills to get a better at them (good time to use  jsfiddler !). There many books that can help, and depending on your level of skill will point you to the right direction. However note that you don't have to buy any books or services to pass this test. I am only point them for purpose of being resources to you. Pr

Using Solr Schema, Fields and Documents

Introduction     This is a little of a jump but I think its an important place to start because of the topics explain how Solr Works as well as how to use it toward your project. So For now lets just pretend you have solr running and just want to know how Solr takes data. Take it from me read the Reference Guide at least once as it is an easy read and very useful. I take a lot of the material in it and summarize it for my own use so that I can brush up on concepts.  How to think of Solr     As the Reference Guide would say "Solr is like a loose-leaf book of recipes, every time you add an new recipe you update the index in the back". Solr allows you to index with fields or types and by giving solr the fields data type you tell solr how to index.  Scheme, Fields and Documents      This is where you tell Solr how to index the data that gets imported, but what is a scheme with the fields? Information for solr is sorted by fields and in another way fields are just inf

An Introduction to Solrnet

Introduction      This article about the Solrnet project as you might have guessed from the title.. but you might ask what is Solrnet and why you would want to add it to your MVC application? The answer to that question is indexed searching ! You probably should have an understanding of what the Apache Solr Project is and if you don't know about this project you probably would be just as lost as I was just a month ago. As a .net developer I rarely step into the Java world, but at times it's helpful to see how the other half live.  Don't get me wrong I love Java as much as I love C# (they are more alike than different) but for a lot of my applications; I don't really have a reason to. However the Apache Solr Project changed my mind, and if it hasn't already it should change yours. I'm not talking about jumping ship and using Java but a little doesn't hurt and with Solrnet you really don't need to use any java (just run it the side).  Some backgro

Adding Google Sign-in And Others

Introduction     The purpose of this post is to show how to add any Oauth login to your site, but mostly Google Plus because of my current applications ( Penguins Rising !). In my quest to achieve this I found it to be really simple with Google Plus and the only real trouble I had was with the Client Id. I setup my Google API service account years ago but never really tried anything until now. What I did was just recreate a client id and everything worked! My Website Oauth Choices       This next part is a little of my opinion and about what I think is the best strategy for Oauth integration. For me when it comes to social medias and integrating user logins I like to go the route of making sure I have all three of the major. The major hitter in my book are Twitter, Google Plus, and of course Facebook. However I know a lot of sites differ on the importance these three . Still personally I like seeing Google Plus being available and I think any site that has the other two but no

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