An Introduction to Solrnet


     This article about the Solrnet project as you might have guessed from the title.. but you might ask what is Solrnet and why you would want to add it to your MVC application? The answer to that question is indexed searching! You probably should have an understanding of what the Apache Solr Project is and if you don't know about this project you probably would be just as lost as I was just a month ago. As a .net developer I rarely step into the Java world, but at times it's helpful to see how the other half live.  Don't get me wrong I love Java as much as I love C# (they are more alike than different) but for a lot of my applications; I don't really have a reason to. However the Apache Solr Project changed my mind, and if it hasn't already it should change yours. I'm not talking about jumping ship and using Java but a little doesn't hurt and with Solrnet you really don't need to use any java (just run it the side). 

Some background

    The Apache Solr Project is a  open source enterprise search platform that is a "powerful full-text search, hit highlighting, faceted search, near real-time indexing, dynamic clustering, database integration, rich document" - Apache. In my own words I have come to understand that the Solr Project is a combination of multiple projects from Apache such as Tika, and Lucene. However at this time point you should be asking what is the difference from Lucene and Solr? Because isn't Lucene a search engine framework? Yes however to make this answer quick just take as "http-wrapper around Lucene". Information can be found here! Also if that wasn't enough information here is more

Resources: sorl wiki

Back to Solrnet

     So I think that was enough background lets get back to where we were with Solrnet Project. I would just consider Solrnet to be the glue for attaching a solr servlet to a MVC Application. But why Solrnet? Well simply put I choose Solrnet because of its quick and clean way of implementation.  As I will explain in my next post how to use this, with Solrnet there is some flexibility to use almost any version of Solrnet (haven't found any problems with older version or the latest 4.4). Since upgrading is easy this does make it hard for the project to get lost in the void of internet space! Like other projects... Example!

Resources: Bug squash: Running Solr on .NET

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