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Getting a Unity Game on Steam

    I have been working quietly on my next game for one sometime now but I thought it would be good to write out this question I had since I wasn't the only person wondering it. My question was, can I use unity to publish a game on Steam? I wasn't sure because I wasn't too familiar with Steam's publishing process and didn't find any information with Unity from the UI. What I learned was that you can but need to go through their process called.  Greenlight Resources Unity Basic on Steam? - Unity Answers Steamworks - FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Other Game Publishing Outlets Games | Desura Little Indie - Shop Rockin' Indie Games one pixel at a time - Indie DB

Useful Javascript Libraries for IE8 Support

I hate to be held back because limitation and IE8  is a gross limitation for a browser. However when I can provided the support by doing little work on my end I say why not. So when iI have to met this little requirement the are two libraries that come to mind. The first is Respondjs  and one if the things I love about this library is that it works just how I would want it to. I don't need to change any of my CSS files, nor do I have to create my styles any differently than  what I am doing for modern browsers. So thinking ahead if I ever wanted to drop support for IE8 , would simply remove the js file. The second is  jquery-placeholder  which I like because of the fact along with the placeholder attribute so that is it not completely useful in IE8.   The things I would like to see with this  library  is it automatically be  set up  for all placeholders. Currently you have to set that part up but its super easy so no complains. 

Recursion in Javascript

    The setup goes like this... Prompt the users with a dialog which inside has a text box. Then allow them to place into comma separated data. When they are done have them click save which closes the prompt. So far so good, split the data and place them into a series of input boxes. Now it doesn't matter how many boxes of input there are because it will just create more if the user's input is greater than what is available. Given this task I thought I would try to do it by using a recursion. Up to that point I had never used a recursion in Javascript. Problems I faced Everything worked out fine until I hit this error which I got the  Maximum call stack size exceeded error  and what I had to do was define the upper limit to my recursion. In my opinion I would be wary with using recursion. Resources Recursion (computer science) - Wikipedia  - Just in case you forget. Javascript - Maximum call stack size exceeded error - Stack Overflow Calling a javascript function recu

The Difference between Agile and Scrum

For over five years now  I have been using Agile  methodology now.  A lot of times when I heard the word Agile, at one point or another I heard the word "Scrum". So what is the  difference from Scrum and Agile . To summarize the link Agile is just an concept that gets  implemented  by Scrum. A little more history on that can be explained here . This video helped me make sense of things... Resources Agile and Other Development Methods - CodeProject Team Foundation Server - Wikipedia

Bootstrap Dropdown-Checklist

    When it comes to web development there is a lot of ways achieve what you want but more importantly it is critical to know what to look for if you have no clue how to achieve it. Over the last five years I have become very efficient at finding examples to achieve my work and to push that even further what I have done is put those code snippets in my back pocket for other projects. Some codes I come across I modify for my own use, others I can simply plug n' play but having that code off hand is quicker than writing it. So what I'm leading up to is an example of that concept. I had a task recently to make a dropdown styled in bootstrap , where inside the dropdown was a series of checkboxes. Now by default the behavior for bootstrap would close dropdown immediately after I clicked. What I need is to keep the dropdown open until it is blurred. What I found with a quick search was what I needed but still once I had the code, and rather than just plugging' it in. What I did

Asp.Net MVC: Error Handling Ajax Partial Views

During the second year of my job as a Application Developer I was ask to design some type of error handler to properly display partial views that were pulled in via ajax. What was currently happening was that partial errors were being displayed as full page error and causing other issues when Jquery libraries being loaded in twice. Questions Could you create a partial view and full view error page for display appropriately for both? So in the case where it was a partial view error the error page would simply display inside the partial. Is there a way to determine by ActionResult type the error handler needed? My Solution ///This is an attribute for PartialViews. It handles any errors and override the basecontroller's OnExpection method. public class PartialErrorAttribute : HandleErrorAttribute { ///Similar setup to the base controller OnExpection method, but has a special partial view error page called _ErrorPartial".<summary> /

Updating Jquery Nuget Package to 1.11

       I feel a lot of developers out there are unaware of the fact that they can update Jquery without any work, and since I did the digging already I wanted to get other developers excited about Jquery 1.11.  If  currently you try to update the Jquery Nuget package via the package manager currently is will only display Jquery 2.x.x which may break some javascript instead use the simply use the command console to update.  So if your using Jquery's Nuget package with your MVC application it's easy to update from 1.10 to 1.11. There is no breaking changes from what I have read with the update and if you're trying to support IE8 you should be in the clear as well. Command PM> Install-Package jQuery -Version 1.11.0 Also just as a personal note I find the  warning message that appears for jquery 1.10 to be extremely annoying and I feel its my mission to help out others by removing it from the internet. Update Can I keep Nuget on the jQuery 1.9.x/1.x path

Penguins Rising: Html5 Custom Cursor Support

    Apart from the original Penguins Rising game, I thought it would be interesting to allow the user to modify or upgrade their cursor for a particular gun. However this was not possible for Internet Explore at all, even for 11! In most cases when I can not implement something in one browser or another, I simply default to the original structure.  With though IE styling breaks completely when using custom cursor so I had to scrap the idea for now. My goal for Penguins Rising has always been to support "modern browsers" and "mobile browsers". IE9 is in that grey area but IE10 is a must and because of this I have to just use the built-in cursor styling which is how it is setup right now. Sadly this limits me to only what is available in the browser's styling. Just an idea of what could have been... Resources CSS cursor property How To Create an IE-Only Stylesheet CSS-Tricks  - Not helpful in my case. css - Custom cursor image doesn't work in a MVC: Partial View to handle Multiple Models

    I was working on this idea a few years back and the idea was to make two partial views in an MVC more scalable. I was looking the down road for something that could handle whatever the object was and display it. What I later discovered thanks to a colleague was that I should just do a reflection of the object but I feel the better longer term solution could be found in  third link  of resources. Rather than spend anymore time on this idea I simply kept the two partial views and wrote this down as I have bigger plans with this strategy in mind for a project. Resources Using partial views in MVC 4 - Stack Overflow How to get the list of properties of a class? - Stack Overflow How to get data to my view that comes from more than one object? - Stack Overflow When To Use Templates vs When to Use Partial Views - Stack Overflow ASP.NET MVC 3 Partial View Template - Stack Overflow

Google Authorship with Blogger

    There is no guarantee what will show up in google search for your content but I learned some cool ways  you can influence what appears and I feel not enough people are aware of Google's Authorship feature. This feature allows you to digitally sign off on web content that is yours. That is how I describe it but you can find the actual description in the resource links. Cool Results! The setup for this was really easy and quick, I simply followed the second option for setup and placed the ?rel=author" inside my href that was linked to my Google Plus account. Resources Google Authorship Google Structured Data Testing Tool  - My results! Author information in search results - Webmaster Tools Help

Exporting Blender Models to WebGL Notes

    Here is a collection of notes that I took sometime when I was working on " The Rust Spot " project. My original purpose for doing this was to create 3d auto parts and display them into the web browsers. Allowing users to get a better idea of what they would be purchasing before hand. Resources Blender 2.5 Exporting X3D Files and using X3DOM Part 1 - YouTube  - Demo WebGL #Content Creation- Wikipedia  - X3DOM in relationship to WebGL X3DOM-WebGL Tests Blender Web HTML5 Canvas how to  -  Concept in how to achieve Blender-webgl-exporter - A WebGL JavaScript exporter for the Blender Blender export — X3DOM  - Working Example!

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