Bootstrap Dropdown-Checklist

    When it comes to web development there is a lot of ways achieve what you want but more importantly it is critical to know what to look for if you have no clue how to achieve it. Over the last five years I have become very efficient at finding examples to achieve my work and to push that even further what I have done is put those code snippets in my back pocket for other projects. Some codes I come across I modify for my own use, others I can simply plug n' play but having that code off hand is quicker than writing it. So what I'm leading up to is an example of that concept. I had a task recently to make a dropdown styled in bootstrap, where inside the dropdown was a series of checkboxes. Now by default the behavior for bootstrap would close dropdown immediately after I clicked. What I need is to keep the dropdown open until it is blurred. What I found with a quick search was what I needed but still once I had the code, and rather than just plugging' it in. What I did was include it in my Gists on Github for a possible reuse with other projects. By doing this it makes a great opportunity for me to isolate the code and if need be take it apart.I recommend if its not to much work to have a working example as well for demoing purposes.

Working Example


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