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Bower: Installing Bootstrap without jquery

For one of my projects I was using AngularJs and UI Bootstrap. Which converts all the jquery code to angular code and adds some helpful directives. From what I notice with bower was that I couldn't install bootstrap without jquery. Since it was a dependency of bootstrap.
   Note, I'm still working on this! It's important for me publish this since I've gotten so far with it. As started out I thought what I could do was to install the bower components and then try to exclude jquery in a separate folder. However in another article I will look at a better solution. Which will be where just ignore the jquery and combine the files I want. However I can see reasons for both approaches. Like in my case I wanted to remove some nuget packages and then pass off that task to bower, which I think is now how vnext is doing it. In my case though there was too many views names js/css files and just too many js and css files.
    So this first part isn't much but I thin…

Array Value Url Queries

I have written some articles on Solr and even more on AngularJs however when it comes to URL queries, I think a lot of production solutions do the opposite of what I'm about to suggest. I think the simpler approach is better and if major companies looked at their solution might find that their UI to be over cumbersome. I think if a URL is public it should be straightforward with what its values mean. This gives advanced users the ability to directly navigate and novice the ability to bookmark urls.        The problem with facets in search grid is that you have a limited number characters you can use. This is less of a problem in a post form but you won't get link for your novice users. I don't like the idea of a "bookmark button" - style UI where it provides the users with a guid that is unique to their search. So a get method approach is more appropriate for the behavior we want. At one point I thought it would be necessary for guid value kind of system. Wher…

AngularJS: Not Working on Plunker

Plunker is my goto cloud based IDE for quick setup and demo purposes. It's all about what you prefer really and there a tons of choices out there. This is two common problems that I faced but haven't since I'm aware of them, they're not really a problem anymore. I just wanted to keep notes on this incase I forget in the future.

First: "The plunker has ng-app instead of ng-app='directive' in the index.html"
Resource: Why this angularjs example doesn't work on plunker?

Second: "useangular.bootstrap($('#your_div_loaded_in_ajax'), "myApp","other_module"]);"
Resource:  AngularJs ReferenceError: angular is not defined

Also for the angular file don't use async or defer. This always goes without saying your custom script should come after the angular file even if its in the index.html file itself; just for good measure.

Chrome Extension Project: Aptitude Words Part 2

On my previous article  I briefly introduced this project because it came to me when I had very little time but I knew if I didn't publish it at the time I probably wouldn't for another month. The project was finished as far as things going with a first wave of implementation and I have a lot of ideas to add on this project. This is application really for myself rather than any particular audience. With my design I looked at first how I wanted it to behave and its kinda interesting to see where I'll end up with this one. I don't let this project get in the ways of my high tasks and its really just for fun. So updates will probably minimal. You can get all the information about the project on Chrome marketplace.

Future releases

Categories - sometimes you need to organize them in a way to remember them.Removing - delete a whole category.Adding - Drag n' drop a word into a categoryEmails - Get weekly emails to let you know which words you use less often or moreAlso pro…

Bootstrap: btn-lg is smaller than input-lg

Link: btn-lg is smaller than input-lg
Example: input-size-bootstrap

    In all modern browsers except in IE10+, it seems that the large buttons with large inputs for input groups are smaller. The difference is only a pixel but is noticeable on some screens. To be clear this issue can be avoided if you use the input-group-lg however my test prove that the heights stay consistent regardless which style classes you use. I didn't find this out until I started looking into the issue and I think this is kinda nit picking but something that should be corrected to prevent future mistakes.

    For my first attempt I tried changing the @line-height-large but if I changed the @line-height-large this affects the input-group-lg, and select input-group-lg as well as the large buttons. So instead to just change the large buttons I set the large button line-height by adding a 0.01 value. This still had problems in firefox, which lead me to the final solution below. File(s) - just thebu…

My First Interview with Google

Sometime after I graduated back in March, 2013 I was lucky enough to have an interview with Google for a six month contact on the west coast.A lot of time has passed since my interview and this is just some of the notes I took before hand in order to prepare. Regardless of the outcome of this interview I still I learned a great deal, and look back at it as an example of how to effectively prove my skills. I was definitely was nervous on this one haha. Jobs description and position daily work type at Google
    "In this critical position, you will be part of exciting as well as  new fast-paced projects.Your role will include working as a team with mechanical, hardware and software engineers to tackle challenging design issues while improving existing manufacturing processes. In direct contact with engineers, you will be involved in the entire lifecycle of several products, from early prototyping to full production and worldwide deployment." Responsibilities Set Up, customize and …