Chrome Extension Project: Aptitude Words Part 2

On my previous article  I briefly introduced this project because it came to me when I had very little time but I knew if I didn't publish it at the time I probably wouldn't for another month. The project was finished as far as things going with a first wave of implementation and I have a lot of ideas to add on this project. This is application really for myself rather than any particular audience. With my design I looked at first how I wanted it to behave and its kinda interesting to see where I'll end up with this one. I don't let this project get in the ways of my high tasks and its really just for fun. So updates will probably minimal. You can get all the information about the project on Chrome marketplace.

Future releases

  • Categories - sometimes you need to organize them in a way to remember them.
    • Removing - delete a whole category.
    • Adding - Drag n' drop a word into a category
  • Emails - Get weekly emails to let you know which words you use less often or more
    • Also provide which ones are are still misspelling...
    • Words of the day?

Problems faced before release...
    I couldn't get the same behavior with using the context menu in the user's current page in a chrome app. I don't think chrome apps have the same access to the user's context as chrome extensions do. Instead I compromised and used the options page in chrome extensions.

Mimic chrome extension contextMenu behavior in chrome app? - Google Groups
Options - Google Chrome
Text selection and display in context menu chrome extension - Stack Overflow

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