My First Interview with Google

    Sometime after I graduated back in March, 2013 I was lucky enough to have an interview with Google for a six month contact on the west coast.  A lot of time has passed since my interview and this is just some of the notes I took before hand in order to prepare. Regardless of the outcome of this interview I still I learned a great deal, and look back at it as an example of how to effectively prove my skills. I was definitely was nervous on this one haha. 
Jobs description and position daily work type at Google

    "In this critical position, you will be part of exciting as well as  new fast-paced projects.Your role will include working as a team with mechanical, hardware and software engineers to tackle challenging design issues while improving existing manufacturing processes. In direct contact with engineers, you will be involved in the entire lifecycle of several products, from early prototyping to full production and worldwide deployment."
  • Set Up, customize and maintain Linux Operating Systems for prototypes and production systems
  • Setup and maintain LANs and remote Access of workstations at 3rd party vendors nationwide.
  • In collaboration with hardware and hardware test engineers implement functional and burn-in tests for internal use as well as for 3rd party vendors.
  • Respond to and resolve emergent problems, build tools to improve current processes.

My current job and work type - job description

    At Northern safety as Application Developer I have written front-end application using Jquery 1.8. I have familiar with Agile methodology tasks as they are given to me from senior developers and range from research to design. I am currently the lead developer in creating modules and themes for Orchard CMS and maintain the company’s application with weekly task.we use Orchard to maintain all our static content (NewsLetters for example).
Daily Break down
  • HTML - using in MVC views, Html5 Standards. Supporting IE7-9, FF, and chrome.
  • Jquery - using dialogs, and ajax calls to pull in the content for the dialog.
  • Controllers - sometimes required to make post and get methods using Model binding.
  • Models - Using middle tier services (WCF) to pull in data and bind to the models.

What I enjoy or like to do.
Game Development! As well as many other things but mostly programming and creating posts on my blog to record problems and achievements that I have in the field.

Technical questions/programming

    • How long do you anticipates the project to last?
    • If it could possibly be extended?
    • what I will be doing on a day-to-day basis?
    • Is there any training required for this position?
  1. I looked at this as golden opportunity and a way to impact the world around me with my ideas.
  2. I feel I would make a great fit because of all my experiences and my passion for coding.
  3. Personally speaking I've tried to make a change by pushing for Google Maps Floor plans project to be integrated at my previous college SUNYIT. Contact: Tony H. 3/29/2013. However the College President and Lawyer in Albany decided to turn down the idea.
  4. I have personal projects that show aptitude for front-end engineering, example is project of mine to digitalize auto parts in webgl based on 2d diagrams - Blog Post explains a lot more.
  • Challenging tasks, with possible review for future job openings.
  • Possible opportunities to prove leadership skills and developer skills.
  • Required to devote long hours to the projects and presenting in front of other.
Familiar with at least one of following UI technology:
  • Html/css - With my work experience, I also have the 70-480-exam under my belt.
  • OpenGL - Some Experience using MonoGames linux, currently no project to show.
  •  QT - My first look at qt!
  • C/C++ - backgammon using ncurses, also I have a lot of experience with GNU make!
  • Tkinter, Tcl/Tk - TkInter. This is just here for myself and reading up on.
  • Linux, Ubuntu, ssh,LAN - journal notes of fall 2010journal notes spring 2010
  • Zenity -  I have no experience with but I do know what GTK is and after reading about Zenity in my opinion isn't much different from Ncurses!
Linux commands that I use daily
    I think it is important to also point out that I know how to ssh-tunnel, scp, dd, gdb and  screendd being the most powerful command, I've learned first hand what kind of destruction it can deal. Also Lets not forget the man command of as well, every beginner’s best friend.
     I have some old code that I wrote during my time at Corning, if I get the chance I should show it.
Python: example of my work, Project:Penguins Rising (at the time there was python code but I have since moved toward a more js solution).

Perl  Questions/Answers
  1. What does “use strict” do? Generates a runtime error if you use symbolic references, used with "subs", "vars", and "refs".
  2. How do you declare a local variable in a perl function?Perl allows you to define function using subroutines and may be placed anywhere in the program. A definition of a local variable in a function would be as followed.. sub myfunct    local($a); #Make a variable
  3. What is the difference between these variables: @foo, %foo, $#fooA variable is defined by the ($) symbol (scalar), the (@) symbol (arrays), or the (%) symbol (hashes). A scalar contains a single element and a array a list of scalars. A has variable defines a complex lists of a key and a value.

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