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Android: Retrieving SHA1 key for Firebase on Windows

    If you using firebase and want to debug for Oauth or Messaging you will need to add a certificat e  SHA1 from your app key. You might need it for other features but this is what I'm sure about. Assuming java is installed then wherever you java is installed is where you will need to point to for  Example of File location C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre1.8.0_60\bin Command "keytool -exportcert -list -v -alias "YOURALIAS"  -keystore YOURKEYFILE.jks > file.txt"  I would output to a file so you can copy it later... Resources Authenticating Your Client

UI-Grid Percentage CellFilter and Color

    Today I got a chance to create a filter for my grid and apply some color which was simple enough to make. Initially I tried to apply both the style and the modification at the same time which cause a ton problems. This solution is less about code and more a remember to me how or why I split the two up. app.controller('exampleCtr').filter('percentage', function () {   return function (value) {     return '<span class=" (value "'>' +(value*100).toFixed(0) + "%";   }; }); //Quick snippet to setup data for colors.  angular.forEach($, function(col, key) {     col.cellClass = function(grid, row, col, rowRenderIndex, colRenderIndex) {       if (col.cellFilter === 'currency' || col.cellFilter === 'percentage')         if (grid.getCellValue(row, col) < 0) {           return 'text-danger';         } else {           return 'text-success';         }     };   }); Resour

My Express/Nodejs Project (5/12/16)

    I currently have a project where I want build websites inside a website azure and output to github but I need to rapidly build them and demo the site without continuous integration. So basically I need something like plunker or codepen but with a more permanent repository system. I can't provide right now a url but just wanted to provide some notes and details on the project because I think it could be helpful to others who are looking for this type of solution (leave comment if you would like to see a feature).  I do have so of this project started, and currently using it for a few of the projects using bootstrap or angular. Without Jade & Stylus Developing template engines for Express How to make an Express site without a template engine? - Stack Overflow adjohnson916/express-views-dom: A DOM view engine for Express. Sass instead of stylus

Mobile Design for Multi-Navigation Systems

      So awhile back I started a project that would extend or solidify the bootstrap sidenav. This is because I didn't think the grid system was qualified for such a major role. Bootstrap works great for mobile design up until you start talking about a different navigations than what the guidelines recommend. I'm still working on this project but for I now have hopes of finishing it which you can find on github under the  name bootstrap-sidenav-component. Much of my effect in the last couple years has been to extended bootstrap not recreate or overlap it, which is what this project will do as well hence why I call it a component of bootstrap. Project:

A Very Un-Bootstrapy Navigation

    Sometimes you have to create something against your own principles but this isn't too much of a bad design its just that doesn't have a place in the modern web. I took this code from the website and removed all the code not related to this feature. Also just to be clear I didn't use bootstrap to style this, the point is that this design goes against bootstrap's guidelines. However it does solve a problem for me when project managers won't listen to my suggestions. Later I will come back with angular directive on this. Solution: Resources

Web/Game Development - Math Isn't going to be a Problem

    When I was in college I wondered how much math I would need to become a game developer. Just for one of my associate degrees I had to take calc 2 which honestly wasn't that bad, I think the physics based calc was more of a challenge but that's in the past now. The real work begins is in my career and a lot of times my math isn't what it needs to be to create a proper solution. When I was building penguins-rising I didn't have any problems with coding just solving some algebra. So I went out of my way after that project to study what I could. Terms & Studies Geometrics Orientation (vector space) Making a Rotation Matrix From Scratch - YouTube Textures Phong reflection model created by a student that shows how graphs can be modified . Fuzzy set Algebra (of course) Vertices Vectors? Just going off my knowledge with C++ This is just a few things I've come across over the years as a devel

CSS3 Vertical Scrolling Text

    Initially I created two separate ways of implementing, both used css3. The solutions I landed on was the one that allowed me to reposition the starting point for the scrolling text. I couldn't remember the more popular name for this type of feature but it doesn't matter the title kinda explains it better. It's sorta like when I'm looking for an autocomplete feature in bootstrap and keep forgetting that its called typeahead, since my first introduction was with jquery-ui. On a final note I did create a directive in angular to handle creating the content but its not necessary for the solution. Modified someone's  code to work the way I wanted, but later I will be using this for one of my projects. Solution: Resources Infinite loop

UI-Bootstrap Collapsible Sticky Footer

    I could have done this a lot of ways and ultimately I made it work with javascript modifying the class names. I also had to create multiple class names which I didn't like to much, I might come back and improve this but for now this is was I got. Also I call bootstrap+angularjs = ui-bootstrap, not sure if that's common sense but thought I should include it somewhere in my notes. Working Example: This little css was key to prevent any kind of animation on the collapse, which would result in a scrollbar appearing on the body. A scrollbar can appear when the content's too long but not on the sticky foot duh! .no-animate { transition-duration: 0.0125s; } Research Angular-UI Bootstrap Collapse without animation - Stack Overflow  - Was looking at this to see if I could reuse it but I ended but just doing my own thing. Another way which I've seen Using a sticky

My Patco Now Runs on Firebase

   Over the past two months I've do to made a critical decision due to costs and completely redid the backend for mypatco. Of course there was breaking changes but that wasn't related to the bad reviews that came in (caused by another developer). Instead of using azure now the app is hosted on firebase which everything I need starts out for free. Key Features Free Https Later needed for Geolocations Free use of Custom Domain  *Databasing (real-time) Json type database greatly reduces time for developing with api's Static Hosting Plugins for Angular with Database Authentication The first two really sold me on the idea but the static hosting had me worried since a lot of my data was handle at the middle tier level. Pretty soon though I had my data flatten and it just made sense but the process of updating my database is still in the works luckily though not all my code had to be scraped. To get the database corrected I still have my azure code to handle th

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