Web/Game Development - Math Isn't going to be a Problem

    When I was in college I wondered how much math I would need to become a game developer. Just for one of my associate degrees I had to take calc 2 which honestly wasn't that bad, I think the physics based calc was more of a challenge but that's in the past now. The real work begins is in my career and a lot of times my math isn't what it needs to be to create a proper solution. When I was building penguins-rising I didn't have any problems with coding just solving some algebra. So I went out of my way after that project to study what I could.

Terms & Studies
This is just a few things I've come across over the years as a developer, I think its interesting how web development at times does requirement a little background. Either way I do have my account with khan academy which is a lot of help and Coursera has some calculus classes but I have been sticking with khan academy since its more self paced. 

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