My Patco Now Runs on Firebase

   Over the past two months I've do to made a critical decision due to costs and completely redid the backend for mypatco. Of course there was breaking changes but that wasn't related to the bad reviews that came in (caused by another developer). Instead of using azure now the app is hosted on firebase which everything I need starts out for free.

Key Features

  • Free Https
    • Later needed for Geolocations
  • Free use of Custom Domain 
  • *Databasing (real-time)
    • Json type database greatly reduces time for developing with api's
  • Static Hosting
  • Plugins for Angular with Database
  • Authentication
The first two really sold me on the idea but the static hosting had me worried since a lot of my data was handle at the middle tier level. Pretty soon though I had my data flatten and it just made sense but the process of updating my database is still in the works luckily though not all my code had to be scraped. To get the database corrected I still have my azure code to handle this but it runs on a project site not listed or connected directly to the app. I simple run it manually on the weekends and check on the outputs every other day.

Key Features Missing

  • Continuous Integration
  • Currently can't publish behind a firewall
  • Integration with Github/Bitbucket
That's about it everything was easy to hook up once I setup the database correctly.

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